Progress reported on containing Bagley Fire

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
The Bagley Fire public information map as of Monday morning, Sept. 3, 2012. Red is the uncontrolled fire edge. The solid black line indicates area where the line has been completed. The crisscross section is a completed dozer line.

Progress continues to be made on the Bagley Fire, which had burned 43,940 acres as of Monday morning and was 45 percent contained.

Nearly 2,000 personnel continue to work on the blaze, which was started by lightning Aug. 18

Greg Heule, one of several public information officers working the fire, gave this report at 8 a.m. Monday:

"The fire continues to back down into Hawkins Creek, and its doing a nice job. There, its not crossing Hawkins Creek at all. Crews have been able to hold it there without a problem. We're pleased at that.

"All along the east side all the way down to the south end of the fire its holding very well.

"It's getting cold, and we're also happy about that.

"The only bit of fire we have left is a little around the reservoir here on the east side. The south end of the fire has been filled in well and is holding.

"On the southwest side, halfway up, in the last couple days we've done a lot of good burnout work getting that line contained as well. The fire is backing down into the river real well and we're pleased in how that's going. There is some fall out, which means burning debris is falling to the bottom and burning back to the top again. We have to watch that real close to make sure nothing jumps across the river.

"There is a pretty good-sized bowl up there that we're concerned about, and there's going to need to be something done with and we're not quite sure how we are going to handle that one. But we do have a contingency line in place that can handle that, hopefully. It's just above the Nature Conservancy property and we don't want it getting down into there."

Heule said a water tender driver who was injured when a tree fell and crushed the cab, is reportedly doing well.