Fire update: No evacuation orders on KNF as of Friday afternoon

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Skies were mostly blue in Mount Shasta Friday afternoon, except for an expanding cloud of smoke spreading north from west of the Eddys.

Farther north in Siskiyou County, numerous lightning caused fires have been burning, and smoke was thick in the air Friday.

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The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department reported that there were no evacuation orders for any of the fires on the KNF as of Friday afternoon.

Click here for a list of recommendations from the Siskiyou County Public Health Department regarding outdoor physical activity when there is smoke in the air.

For more information on fires on the KNF go to: All fires in the KNF are listed under the Klamath National Forest Lightning fires.

More information can be found on the Siskiyou County website: