Fire did not destroy Roseburg's main facility in Weed

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Roseburg Forest Products reports Tuesday morning that its veneer facility in Weed was damaged early Monday afternoon by the Boles Fire, but all employees were evacuated and there were no injuries.

According to a Roseburg press release, the main processing area and facility were not destroyed, but other buildings on the complex were damaged.

Roseburg said spot fires were persisting on the site Tuesday morning, and the company is assessing the damage.

“Our primary concern at this point is our people,” Roseburg CEO and President Allyn Ford states in the release. “Some of our employees, along with their neighbors, have lost their homes, so we want to help those displaced by this fire. Our concern extends to the entire community of Weed as well.

“As far as the mill, we need to assess the damage, which is premature since there are still spot fires burning on site. Our objective is to establish stability, both for our people and the facility.

“We are currently marshalling all of our resources with one goal: to get the plant back up and running as soon as possible.

“I want to thank the community of Weed and first responders for working together to help us save as much of the plant as possible.”