Operation Daffodil: wish for renewed life in Weed

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
Denise and Bruce Friend planting daffodils as part of Operation Daffodil in the Hillside Drive area of Weed.

Planting has begun for Operation Daffodil, a Weed Pride project created to plant approximately 1,700 daffodils around and along Hillside Drive in Weed.

Daffodil bulbs were donated by Mercy Hospice Mt. Shasta, which holds an annual fundraiser through which donors purchase bulbs, sometimes to keep and plant or donate to local causes.

Kristine Neel, manager of Hospice Services and a Weed resident, informed Weed Pride that they wanted to steer the donations to the Boles Fire recovery efforts, according to information on the Weed Pride Facebook page.

Neel is quoted on the Facebook page saying, “Daffodils are a reminder of springtime, nature’s beauty and renewed life, our wish for the city of Weed!”

Weed Pride volunteer Donna Winger said more planting is planned for Saturday, Jan. 31 from noon to 2 p.m. on Hillside Drive.