Mother of four's last wish is for family vacation

Skye Kinkade
Former Dunsmuir resident Stacy (Jacobs) Phelps has been diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer, and has been given six months to a year to live. Her last wish is to take her family, including husband Brian and four children: Kevin, 14, Cheyenne, 13, Dominic, 10, and Danica, 4, on one last vacation to Disney World. To donate to the cause, go to

Given six months to a year to live, former Dunsmuir resident and mother of four Stacy (Jacobs) Phelps, 36, has one last wish: to take her family on a vacation to Disney World.

Stacy, who was born and raised in Dunsmuir and now lives in Chester, was diagnosed with stage three cervical cancer in January. After a hysterectomy and radiation treatments, she went into remission. About three months later, Stacy discovered the cancer had spread to her hips, colon and intestines.

Stacy went to several specialists to seek treatment, but they told her the cancer is spreading too rapidly to stop, said her friend, Tara Crawford, who is heading up the fundraising effort for the Phelps. Stacy has now stopped all treatment in order to spend as much quality time with her family as possible, Crawford said, including her husband of four years, Brian, and her four children: 14 year old Kevin, 13 year old Cheyenne, 10 year old Dominic and four year old Danica.

"Stacy is wonderful... she's very active in the community," said Crawford. "She's a beautiful, loving mother and wife, and is very involved with her children's academic life. She is a very outgoing and supportive sports mom who travels with her children and very seldomly misses a game. She's a good friend."

Crawford said she is hoping to raise $6,000 for the trip.

"We want to send a beautiful family to a place where they can spend a moment together that is not a constant reminder that their mother and wife is losing her battle to cancer," said Crawford, "a place where they can focus on happiness, serenity and peace of mind. Your contribution will help pay for round trip airfare for a family of six from California to Orlando, Florida; six days and five nights at the Disney World Resort, food, drinks and souvenirs for the entire family."

In Chester, where Brian was born and raised, the community has come together to put on a fundraising garage sale, as well as a spaghetti dinner and raffle for the family.

The garage sale was a wild success, said Crawford. The spaghetti dinner is slated for Saturday, Sept. 22.

If you'd like to donate to send the Phelps family on one last vacation together, go to, or find the fundraising effort on Facebook at

You can also send donations via check to Stacy Phelps, PO Box 1512, Chester, CA, 96020.

As of Monday morning, a total of $2,658 has been raised.