Siskiyou County effort underway to reduce child abuse

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
Participants working together in a breakout activity during the Oct. 15 Communities NOW – Connecting for Kids training session in Yreka.

As part of a new child abuse and neglect initiative in Siskiyou County, 25 applicants participated in the first of four days of training Oct. 15 in Yreka.

Lara Bruce and Misty Brammer from the University of Denver's Butler Institute for Families presented information and led activities and skills-building for the participants, who are learning to be trainers for their own communities on how everyone can be a part of the effort to prevent child abuse and neglect.

The Siskiyou Community Services Council hosted the training, as well as a webinar in September for the new "Communities NOW – Connecting for Kids" program.

A two-part article addressing the efforts to reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect in the county was published in this newspaper in July and August.

As stated by Child Abuse Prevention coordinator Jill Thomas in a press release: "The generous sponsorship of the Siskiyou Office of Education" made a comfortable facility available for the training, and Mount Shasta Rotary Club "provided a nutritious breakfast and lunch."

When the training days conclude later this month, Thomas said Siskiyou County will have its "own group of trainers that will then be able to conduct free Communities NOW – Connecting for Kids Community Trainings to members in all of our communities."

Those free trainings will be offered throughout Siskiyou County starting in 2014.

For more information contact the Siskiyou Community Services Council or Child Abuse Prevention coordinator Jill Thomas at 926-5927.