Fundraisers to help Mount Shasta girl with brain surgery costs

Skye Kinkade
Miranda Husa, a 10 year-old Mount Shasta resident, is preparing to undergo a series of brain surgeries to help improve her quality of life. Fundraisers are underway to help her family with the considerable expenses.

To improve her quality of life, Miranda Husa of Mount Shasta will soon be undergoing a series of major brain surgeries at UC San Francisco, and fundraisers are planned to help her family with the considerable expenses.

Miranda has dealt with an uncontrolled seizure disorder for most of her 10 years, said her mom, Tina.

In addition to an online fundraiser at the “You Caring” site, The Oven Bakery is holding a pizza fundraiser this week in Miranda’s honor. Brick-oven baked pizzas must be ordered by Wednesday, March 4, for pick-up on Friday, March 6, between 4 and 7 p.m.

Miranda is a fifth grader at Strawberry Valley School (a magnet school of the Mount Shasta Union School District, located on the Sisson campus).

One of the surgeries she’ll undergo is a neurological resection, which will remove the trouble area of her brain.

“Doctors have determined after numerous years of medical testing and failed medications that a process of brain surgeries are her best option,” Tina explained. “As a parent, coming to this decision has been extremely difficult, but it’s equally difficult to watch your child be limited in so many areas of life.”

Miranda is restricted on the playground with her friends and must wear a life vest in the water in case she has a seizure while swimming. She needs constant supervision, Tina said, and can never play alone in case she needs assistance.

“Miranda deals with debilitating seizures every day, which increase through the night,” said Tina. “She averages 20 to 30 seizures every day… She hardly ever gets to go to sleepovers, and there are only two or three friends who have her over, which is understandable. Her condition is a full time job. She can’t even brush her teeth on her own. She doesn’t get any privacy.”

Tiphaine Ferchaud, owner of The Oven Bakery, said Miranda is a “sweet and hilarious kid.”

“My daughter, Emma, has known Miranda since preschool,” said Tiphaine. “They’ve really become good friends in the past year.”

Last year, Emma was with Miranda when she had a seizure in the bathroom at school.

“It really shook her. (Emma) asked me why it happened, and if there is anything that can help. If there is any way Miranda can have a normal life, we need to help get her there.”

Tina described her daughter as an “amazing, spunky, and inquisitive young girl” who has “learned a great deal about hardships in life at a young age.”

“She’s taught me about strength and perseverance as well as love and compassion,” said Tina.

Miranda is a patient at UCSF’s Pediatric Epilepsy Department.

“She is under the care of some of the best doctors in the field. However, the expenses are overwhelming,” Tina said. “Miranda’s health has continued to decline and I have made the decision to temporarily relocate closer to the hospital and homeschool her to give time to rest and heal as we head into this surgical process.”

To order a pizza, either cheese or pepperoni, you can call The Oven Bakery at 926-0960 or stop in at 214 N. Mt. Shasta Boulevard. Pizzas are $20, and $15 of that amount will go to Miranda, said Tiphaine.

To contact Tina, you may call or text her at 925-4036 or email her at mom2mcmm@hotmail.com. To make donations online, go to: www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-miranda-husa-s-brain-surgery-expenses/311848