Renovations in Ray’s Mount Shasta store make way for new products

Deborra Brannon
The wine department will carry twice the number of varieties of wine and will share the former video rental space with the flower department when renovations at Ray’s Food Place are complete.

An expanded wine department being set up in the former video rental area and new wood grain style flooring are only two of the major renovations and changes underway at Ray’s Food Place in Mount Shasta.

Ray’s manager Dean Autry said the store has brought in about 2,000 new items, including many natural and organic groceries, more organic produce, and a wide selection of microbrew beers.

Bulk foods, beer, greeting cards and other departments are moving to new locations in the store and hot food service expansion is planned. 

The store is open for business during the remodeling and plans a “Re-Grand Opening” weekend on April 24-26.