86 year old ‘recovering well’ after being lost for five days

Deborra Brannon
Theresa Glenn

Eighty six year old Theresa Glenn is home and doing well after being lost in the forest around McCloud for five days earlier this month.

Her son Martin said his mother was kept at Mercy Medical Center Redding for almost four days following her rescue. She returned with him to the Bay Area when she was released from the hospital on April 19.

“She’s recovering well. Not completely up to her original strength, but she’s able to get in and out of the car. I’m pleased and kind of surprised at how well she pulled out of that ordeal,” he said.

Theresa left the family vacation home in McCloud on Saturday, April 11 to walk her dog, Harley, and was not seen again until Thursday morning, April 16, when she was found by a Search and Rescue ground team.

The search to find her involved multiple law enforcement agencies, canine and air support, and volunteers from Search and Rescue teams from nine counties in two states.

While lost, Theresa endured very cold outdoor temperatures and had no food or water.

Martin said his mother remembers being lost, remembers sleeping in the woods, and remembers that Harley was with her.

“But how she came to be where she was or what happened to her each night and day – that she does not remember,” he said.

Mother and son will join a variety of other family members in Montague on May 8th to attend the annual Search and Rescue fundraising dinner.

“They are an essential organization up there. They totally proved that,” Martin said.

Following that event, he will help Theresa move from her Aptos home into a San Andreas mobile home community where one of her daughters lives.

“She’s strong enough, her spirits are good, and she’s excited about making the move, Martin said.

He emphasized how impressed he is by the McCloud community and how grateful he and his family are for the community’s support when his mother was lost.

“It still amazes me how many people helped look for my mother. It makes us glad we bought a house in McCloud,” Martin said.