Dunsmuir honors four outstanding community volunteers

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Mount Shasta Herald
Sandra Hood, who has run the Growers Market for 14 years and has volunteered for Railroad Days for 12 years, was named Dunsmuir's 2016 Citizen of the Year. Submitted

The Dunsmuir Citizen of the Year Committee has chosen four recipients to honor for their volunteer activities over the past 10 years.

Citizen of the Year

Sandra Hood was named Citizen of the Year for 2016 for extensive service to the community. One nomination described Hood as “the perfect example of a small-town volunteer, willing to jump in wherever she’s needed.”

Hood’s contributions include running the Growers Market for 14 years, acting as chair of Railroad Days for the past three years, and volunteering for Railroad Days for 12 years.

In addition to many other volunteer activities, Hood has volunteered for the Dunsmuir Library and local elementary schools.

Alexander Dunsmuir Award

The committee broke tradition by honoring two people – Andrea Herr and David Clarno – with the Alexander Dunsmuir Award.

The committee felt both recipients worthy of the award on their own rights, but they work together on so many activities they deserved the joint honor.

One nominating paper described Herr as “one of those volunteers who works quietly in the background, supporting causes that benefit both the Dunsmuir and southern Siskiyou County communities.”

Recently, Herr’s service activities particularly focus on two areas. First, she has a passion for finding ways to alleviate hunger in the community.

Among other “hunger-related” activities, she advanced the use of SNAP and WIC benefits to qualified buyers at the Dunsmuir Growers Market.

She was also instrumental in organizing a committee implementing a community town hall meeting whose purpose is to ascertain the food needs of Dunsmuir residents.

Herr is past president of the Rotary Club of Dunsmuir and volunteers at all its activities.

Clarno is an active member of the Dunsmuir and south Siskiyou County communities for many years. He was an organizer and consistent volunteer with the Siskiyou County disabled sports organization.

Clarno freely volunteers his business, Dunsmuir Brewery Works, for “guest waiter fundraisers” for organizations and causes including school-related activities and Christmas food baskets.

Clarno helped organize and manage the successful State of Jefferson Brewfest which has brought close to a thousand people to town while bringing money to the Dunsmuir Chamber and Rotary Club of Dunsmuir treasuries.

Clarno is an active participant in and volunteer with the Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce where he has helped organize events, served on the board and as president. He is also a member of Dunsmuir Rotary where he served as president.

Cindy Rinne

The committee also broke with tradition by honoring Cindy Rinne who has volunteered for many years for the Dunsmuir community but who doesn’t live in Dunsmuir.

The committee felt it could not overlook Rinne’s many contributions to the community. These include being the guiding spirit and daily volunteer at the Baptist Church summer lunch program for children.

Rinne volunteers at Dunsmuir Elementary School as librarian, frequently purchasing books for the library out of her own pocket. She reads to children in the Dunsmuir Library every week. In this capacity, she also established a summer reading program for the children of the community.

These are just a few of Rinne’s most current activities, but over the years she has provided great service to the community in many areas.

The dinner honoring these worthy recipients is scheduled for Saturday, April 22 at Pop’s Performing Arts and Cultural Center, 5819 Sacramento Avenue in Dunsmuir. An informal reception begins at 5 p.m.; with dinner following at 6 p.m. There will be a vegetarian option.

Tickets for the event are $20 per person and can be purchased at Dunsmuir Hardware. Alcohol will not be sold, but guests are welcome to bring their own.

For more information call Linda Price at (530) 227-7288.