Dunsmuir Community Center praised for ‘incredible kitchen"

Liz Pyles
Dunsmuir City Manager Mark Brannigan described the Community Center as a “very clean and bright building. Incredible kitchen” during an open house there Monday evening.

Brightly painted with shiny new commercial appliances, the Dunsmuir Community Center remodel is done.

During an open house in the Center Monday evening, City Manager Mark Brannigan described it as a “very clean and bright building. Incredible kitchen.”

Sandra Hood, chairperson for Railroad Days, is excited to use the center for their first big fundraiser in September. As she toured the kitchen looking at all the new appliances, she said she felt like a kid in a toy store. “This is ‘awe!’ The other kitchen was so old,” she said.

Tammy Cutting said she has lived in Dunsmuir since 1949 and attended high school dances with live bands in the community center building in the 1960s. She said the improvements were wonderful, and she was so glad they didn’t get rid of the stage.

City council member Big Dave Keisler dropped by for a moment to say, “Good job.” He said it was awesome, and he was glad the crack in the wall was fixed, saying he used to be able to look through it. He and others also said they were glad the stage remains.

It was built by the Jaycees years ago, said Dunsmuir Recreation and Parks District Administrator Mike Rodriguez.

Linda Kellar said it will be nice to have the restrooms available during ball games at the ball park.

Close to 30 people attended the open house, including district board members and city councilors.

They heard engineer Chuck Schlumpberger say, “I think it came out really good. It will be usable for many years.”

He said it was a long struggle and a challenge to keep in budget.

A substantial amount of money was spent on things that can’t be seen, such as sealing the crack in the wall and stabilizing the foundation, explained Schlumpberger.

The interior kitchen wall was moved, giving more space in the commercial kitchen and restrooms, which are now compliant with the American’s Disability Act.

The floor has a special epoxy coating. “Nice for dancing and durable,” Schlumpberger said. New electrical and plumbing was also completed. He said a lot of rain slowed things down after starting the construction last November.

District board member Brian Wilson said they tried multiple times to get the repairs done. Rodriguez and Schlumpberger put in a tremendous amount of time and were the people keeping it going forward, he said.

Rodriguez said the leaky fireplace and chimney are gone, but they decided to keep the stone work that surrounded the fireplace.

He said the commercial kitchen which has a new stove/oven, sink, freezer, refrigerator, and ice maker will be helpful for home businesses that now have to cook in a commercial kitchen according to county laws.

Future improvements include replacing the windows and installing air conditioning.

Rodriguez said a portable electric handicap lift for access to the stage will be purchased.

A Community Development Block Grant covered the improvements.