Mt. Shasta Tinman Triathlon story and results list, 2017

Shareen Strauss

Family, friends and supporters held homemade signs encouraging their favorite racers in Sunday’s Mt. Shasta Tinman Triathlon at Lake Siskiyou.

People rang bells and cheered as racers came into the transition area. A DJ played music on the beach where the race started and finished.

Skies were smoky for the first Tinman held since 2013 and last one to be officially staged by Rotary Club of Dunsmuir, but that didn’t approximately 200 participants who came from as far away as Denver, Colo.

“This race is a unique distance,” said overall individual winner Riley Davis of Redding, who is 19 and attends UCLA, where he will be president of the triathlon club. “It is not a sprint nor an Olympic race. The bike leg (16 miles) was a little longer. It would have been better if it was not smoky, but at least it was not horribly hot. The inflatable flamingos were fun and better to see than just buoys.”

Tinman co-director Nancy Cardoso, who will take over full directorship next year, placed the large pink inflatable flamingos around the 740 yard swim course, which was moved this year to the main Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort swim beach.

“I don’t want it to be so serious. It is supposed to be fun,” said Cardoso, a triathlete coach from Redding who teamed with co-directors Will Newman and Dr. Jack Hailing of Dunsmuir Rotary to restart the Tinman for Labor Day weekend 2017.

Air quality concerns from wildfire smoke led to cancellation of the 2014 Tinman, and Dunsmuir Rotary was unable to put it on the following two years.

“I contacted Will Newman with the Dunsmuir Rotary who has been doing this event over 25 years and told him that I want to get it started again,” Cardoso said. “It has been three years without this triathlon and I have people training for it. ‘The Tradition Continues’ is the motto on this year’s shirt. I am so happy to get it going again. It is a special race.”

All three legs of the race were revised in an attempt to ease congestion in the Lake Siskiyou campground, and the bike leg was lengthened from 10 to 16 miles, which led to higher finishing times than in past years.

Air quality because of wildfire smoke was again a concern Sunday, and it was watched closely in the days prior to the race.

“It’s a very scary endeavor to make sure all 200 plus people out there are safe,” said Cardoso. “I am so happy it went smoothly with only a few little hiccups.”

Longtime Tinman participant Sheri Richmond of Redding took top honors in the Women’s category in 1:31:28, “an excellent time,” according to Will Newman. She was followed by Teresa Kludt of Chico in 1:35:33 and Karen Sinderson of Redding (1:35:52).

Men’s winner Riley Davis completed the new course in 1:13:57, while Tinman returnee Ben Harter of Eugene, Ore., was less than 25 seconds behind to take second place in 1:14:20.

Longtime Tinman competitor, supporter, and member of Chico Tri Greg Watkins nailed third place honors in 1:15:42.

Davis described the legs of a triathlon as a Thanksgiving meal: “Running is definitely my strongest. I would say that the run is the turkey, the bike is the mashed potatoes, and the swim would be like washing the dishes afterwards.”

First place team honors went to Two and a Half Men from Oroville, captained by Brian Hastings, with a time of 1:10:35. Blake Zufall captained the second-place team, The Triple Threat from Redding, which crossed the finish line in 1:14:53.

Third place team honors went to Team Parks of Redding, captained by Tori Parks. They finished in 01:23:13. The win was especially sweet for Parks who has been a participant in the Tinman for over 25 years.

Mana Yamaguchi came up from San Francisco with a fan club that consisted of three of her friends: Kong Shan, Jason Mark and Casie Carnate. They surprised her by bringing larger than life foam board photos of Yamaguchi’s face mounted on a stick to use as a fan when she finished the race.

The majority of triathletes were from the Redding area, and many competed in their first Tinman Triathlon. The oldest was Mary Ann Bachus, age 72, of Chico. The youngest was a team called The 3 Amigas, three 10 year old girls who placed first in the women’s team category.

Top local finishers included Neil and Stephane Posson of Mount Shasta. Neil placed 1st in the men’s 70-99 age group, and Stephane placed first in the women’s 65-69 division.

Alan Torrigino of McCloud was 1st in the men’s 55-59 group, Nathan Parker of Mount Shasta was 2nd in the men’s 30-34 group, and Jenny Fisher of Mount Shasta was 3rd in the women’s 35-39 group.

Owens Health Care in Redding sponsored the bike racks in the transition area.

Mt. Shasta Amateur Radio Club covered all the check points.

More than 50 volunteers helped keep the race organized.

Twenty percent of the proceeds and donations go to Dunsmuir Rotary to be used for community service programs, including the Wildcat Weekender Backpack Food Program for elementary school children who qualify to take food home for the weekend that is nutritious and simple enough be prepared by a third grader. In Dunsmuir, 95% of elementary school children quality for the program.

Cardoso promises the Mount Shasta Tinman Triathlon will return to Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort again next year. She also asks that any questions, suggestions or comments be directed to her at

2017 Mt. Shasta Tinman Triathlon results by division:


70-99 – 1, Neil Posson, 71, Mount Shasta, 01:45:54; 2nd, Glen Shook, 70, Cottonwood, 01:54:54.

65-69 – 1st, John Cherland, 67, Redding, 02:12:39.

60-64 – 1st, Al Masterson, 60, Redding, 01:29:14.

55-59 – 1st, Alan Torrigino, 58, Mccloud, 01:32:47; 2nd, Doug Carlton, 55, Carson City, Nev., 01:49:08; 3rd, Don Black, 55, Redding, 01:59:25; 4th, Brian Martin, 59, Redding, 02:02:34; 5th, Richard Slepicka, 55, Redding, 02:17:58; 6th, Kevin FitzPatrick, 55, Salem, Ore., 02:18:12.

50-54 – 1st, Gregory Watkins, 54, Chico, 01:15:42; 2nd, Steve Schroth, 53, Redding, 01:30:29; 3rd, Michael Donnelly, 54, Chico, 01:36:27; 4th, Larry Davis, 52, Redding, 01:48:33; 5th, Eddie Axner, 52, Redding, 01:50:50; 6th, Mike Smull, 52, Redding, 01:57:41; 7th, Kevin Butler, 50, Redding, 02:04:53.

45-49 – 1st, Chad Wikander, 45, Ashland, Ore., 01:19:41; 2nd, Eric Ayars, 48, Chico, 01:22:59; 3rd, Sean Johnson, 47 Eureka, 01:23:58; 4th, Shawn Hughes, 49, Chico, 01:30:21; 5th, Michael D’Giorgio, 47, Grants Pass, Ore., 01:34:42; 6th, Steve Taylor, 47, Shasta Lake, 01:37:19; 7th, Josh Green, 48, Redding, 01:37:47; 8th, Curtis Knight, 48, Mount Shasta, 01:41:35; 9th, Chris Jensen, 48, Paradise, 01:44:39; 10th, John Benham, 47, Redding, 01:59:16; 11th, Kevin McCarthy, 46, Palo Cedro, 02:29:22.

40-44 – 1st, Doug Christ, 40, Palo Cedro, 01:18:27; 2nd, Chad Scott, 42, Grants Pass, Ore., 01:30:06; 3rd, Matt Gheen, 44, Redding, 01:40:40; 4th, Antonio Antognazzi, 40, Redding, 01:43:50; 5th, Corby Fugitt, 43, Mount Shasta, 01:47:44; 6th, Uche Ajero, 43, Redding, 01:52:07; 7th, Anthony English, 42 Chico, 01:58:48; 8th, Jordan Miller, 40, Redding, 01:59:08.

35-39 – 1st, Matthew Phillips, 37, Marysville, 01:26:48; 2nd, Christopher Logan, 35, Cottonwood, 01:35:08; 3rd, Luke Reimers, 38, Orland, 01:38:21; 4th, Ryan Zumalt, 39, Redding, 01:41:07; 5th, Jean Philippe Jesti, 36, Mount Shasta, 01:41:55; 6th, Devin Knight, 36, Mount Shasta, 01:44:25; 7th, Rob Harryman, 39, Mount Shasta, 01:54:14; 8th, Leah Roadrunner, 39, Redding, 01:56:23; 9th, Michael Henry, 36, Redding, 02:08:52; 10th, Gabriel Garcia, 35, Redding, 02:09:30.

30-34 – 1st, Nick Mifsud, 33, Redding, 01:24:58; 2nd, Nathan Parker, 32, Mount Shasta, 01:26:49; 3rd, Darin Pust, 33, Redding, 01:35:46; 4th, Jonathon Porter, 30, Redding, 01:35:57; 5th, Sean Herman, 31, Denver, Colo., 01:45:58; 6th, Jeremiah Batdorf, 31, Redding, 01:49:32; 7th, Nicolas Lejeune, 34, Mount Shasta, 01:50:31; 8th, Aaron Prins, 31, Redding, 01:52:09; 9th, Brad Tweedy, 30, Reno, Nev. 02:13:08.

25-29 – 1st, Manny Mejia, 29, Chico, 01:15:45; 2nd ,Mark Hendrick, 27, San Francisco, 01:28:52; 3rd, Philip Dayboch, 29, San Francisco, 01:33:20; 4th, Andrew Loew, 28, Redding, 01:40:26; 5th, Nate Smartt, 26, Concord, 01:41:43; 6th, Michal Kosik, 28, El Segundo, 01:48:46; 7th, Carlos Mikell, 27, CA, 01:50:01; 8th, Vishnu Samavedula, 29, San Mateo, 02:00:35.

20-24 – 1st, Benjamin Harter, 21, Eugene, Ore., 01:14:20; 2nd, Kyle Harter, 24, Corvallis, Ore., 01:27:47.

15-19 – 1st, Riley Davis, 19, Redding, 01:13:57; 2nd, Mason Geren, 16, Cottonwood, 01:28:02; 3rd, Noah Sanchez, Cottonwood, 01:28:15; 4th, Daniel Ramirez, Anderson, 01:28:45; 5th, Thomas Dodgen, Adin, 01:33:37; 6th, Josh Tonkin, 18, Redding, 01:37:37; 7th, Elijah Vallotton, 18, Redding, 01:42:36; 8th, Bradley Chavez, 15, CA, 01:44:10; 9th, Daniel Dickerson, 16 Anderson, 01:50:11; 10th, Sven Bromelow, 17, Paradise, 02:31:03.


70-99 – 1st, Mary Ann Bachus, 72, Chico, 01:52:49.

65-69 – 1st, Stephane Posson, 69, Mount Shasta, 01:56:59.

60-64 – 1st, Teresa Kludt, 62, Chico, 01:35:33; 2nd, Darlene Henderson, 63, Corning, 01:48:54; 3rd, Mary Anne Pella-Don, 60, Chico, 02:02:19; 4th, Kris Foster, 60, Chico, 02:19:56; 5th, Tobie Goldbeck, 62, Redding, 03:00:30.

55-59 – 1st, Janelle Gardner, 59, Forest Ranch, 01:52:34; 2nd, Tami Shook, 59, Cottonwood, 02:25:05; 3rd, Jackie Martin, 58, Redding, 02:31:32.

50-54 – 1st, Sheri Richmond, 51, Redding, 01:31:28; 2nd, Rita Allmeyer-Green, 51, Redding, 01:36:12; 3rd, Tammie Watkins, 53, Chico, 01:40:37; 4th, Denise Barnhart, 52, Cottonwood, 01:59:59; 5th, Linda Gray, 51, Rohnert Park, 02:00:24; 6th, Carolyn Aquilina, 53, Weed, 02:04:07; 7th, Laura Van Dervoort, 50, Chico, 02:12:13; 8th, Shantell Smull, 50, Redding, 02:16:38 ; 9th, Jeannette Axner, 51, Redding, 02:23:14; 10th, Kellie Murphy, 53, Chico, 02:33:12.

45-49 – 1st, Naomi Harri, 48, Redding, 01:44:18; 2nd, Jennifer Stuart, 48, Chico, 01:49:16; 3rd, Linda La Bella, 47, Redding, 01:50:48; 4th, Lynn Holmquist, 49, Redding, 01:54:18; 5th, Brenda Floyd, 48, Medford, Ore., 01:58:38; 6th, Amy Bromelow, 46, Paradise, 02:15:37; 7th, Joanne Gilchrist, 47, Chico, 02:19:08; 8th, Sara Kahoalii, 45, Fair Oaks, 02:33:12.

40-44 – 1st, Karen Sinderson, 44, Redding, 01:35:52; 2nd, Kristen Del Real, 42, Chico, 01:36:51; 3rd, Shenandoah Smith, 42 El Granada, 01:54:27; 4th, Jaime Taylor, 40, Shasta Lake, 02:02:51; 5th, Noukoun Gorden, 43, Tehama, 02:19:59; 6th, Charity Holst, 44 Roseville, 02:30:04.

35-39 – 1st, Lindsay O’Neal, 35, Anderson, 01:42:10; 2nd, Lura Wilhelm, 36, Redding, 01:42:33; 3rd, Jenny Fisher, 35, Mount Shasta, 01:43:48; 4th, Annie Purcell, 39, Redding, 01:44:35; 5th, Melanie Obst, 36 Mount Shasta, 01:45:32; 6th, Courtney Haedrich, 37, Redding, 01:46:06; 7th, Bridgett Payne, 36, Redding, 01:46:47; 8th, Karen English, 39, Chico, 01:59:06; 9th, Holly Woolery, 39, Shasta Lake, 02:07:54; 10th, Jennifer Batdorf, 35, Redding, 02:16:36; 11th, Mercedes Patee, 38, Redding, 02:16:51; 12th, Cristin Harryman, 36, Mount Shasta, 02:22:41.

30-34 – 1st, Brynn Robertson, 31 Chico, 01:37:39; 2nd, Christine Phillips, 31 Marysville, 01:37:41; 3rd, Becki Herman, 31, Denver, Colo., 01:48:34; 4th, Berta Garvey, 34, Mount Shasta, 01:56:58; 5th, Rachel Barnhart-Kal, 32, Redding, 01:57:29; 6th, Shawna LaBella, 31, Shasta Lake, 01:58:58; 7th, Jennifer Yount, 33, Redding, 02:02:10; 8th, Libby Mee, 32, Fall River Mills, 02:07:48; 9th, Katie Davidson, 33, Redding, 02:09:51; 10th, Stephanie Miller, 32, Redding, 02:20:16; 11th, Brianne Henry, 33, Redding, 02:20:16.

25-29 – 1st, Amanda Repasky, 25, San Francisco, 01:49:35; 2nd, Elda Mariscal, 27, El Segundo, 01:49:36; 3rd, Teri Bickley, 25, Chico, 01:50:41; 4th, Karli Dunaway, 25, Chico, 01:50:43; 5th, Mana Yamaguchi, 28, San Francisco, 01:52:40; 6th, Carolyn Masi, 25, Chico, 02:01:27.

15-19 – 1st, Crysta Papesh, 16, Cottonwood, 01:43:56; 2nd, Amanda McCandless, 17 Redding, 01:57:28; 3rd, Hope Dodgen, 17, Adin, 02:01:29.

Men’s Team

1st, Two and a Half Men, Brian Hastings, Oroville, 01:10:35; 2nd, Giacomo, Joe Purcell, Redding, 01:33:46; 3rd, Sendy, Damon Cass, Rocklin, 01:41:40.

Women’s Team

1st, The 3 Amigas, Cali Soule, Redding, 01:37:16; 2nd, Siskiyou Sisters, Krista Burke, Redding, 01:40:37; 3rd, LVM, Malou Shannon, Mount Shasta, 01:40:40; 4th, Mt. Fitness Ms’s, Linda Valenzuela, Mount Shasta, 01:45:57; 5th, Too Legit to Quit, Summer Ryan, Redding, 02:30:12.

Mixed Team

1st, The Triple Threat, Blake Zufall, Redding, 01:14:53; 2nd, Team Parks, Tori Parks, Redding, 01:23:13; 3rd, ADH, Deron Cutright, Redding, 01:23:55; 4th, Maniatis Maniacs, Terez Maniatis, Mount Shasta, 01:28:05; 5th, Beauties and Beast, Amy Hoss, Mount Shasta, 01:29:20; 6th, Water to Wine, Will Williams, Redding, 01:32:36; 7th, Team Hacker, John Hacker, Ashland, Ore., 01:32:57; 8th, Fun Seekers, Peggy Rebol, Cottonwood, 01:34:53; 9th, The Misfits, Jon Holmquist, Redding, 01:37:02; 10th, Tri Hards, Hazel Merrill, Chico, 01:47:19; 11th, Bunz Of Glory, Joel Heier, Anderson, 01:50:28; 12th, The Kendama’s, Brenda Collins, Yreka, 01:55:00; 13th, Why Not Tri, Michele Kamla, Redding, 02:12:54; 14th, Trio Sisters, Caroline Kikut, Redding, 02:25:39.