County supervisor involved in McCloud community needs discussion

Shareen Strauss
Standing in front of a panel of McCloud community leaders and representatives from different Siskiyou County services, County Supervisor, District 1, Brandon Criss with Siskiyou Community Services Council Lisa McCauley and Kathy Suvia address the town's issues and needs since they have lost their Community Resource Center. Together they plan of finding solutions to bring services back into the community. By Shareen Strauss

District 1 County Supervisor Brandon Criss joined service organizations and McCloud community leaders on Dec. 12 to plan a strategy to fill the void left by the town’s lack of a Community Resource Center.

Criss called it the McCloud Community Services Meeting. It was held in Scout Hall and included representatives from the McCloud Chamber of Commerce, McCloud Healthcare Clinic, McCloud Community Services District, McCloud Volunteer Fire Department, the high school, churches and individuals with concerns and interest in bringing community services back into town.

They discussed McCloud’s needs with Kathy Suvia and Lisa McCauley of Siskiyou Community Services Council; Debbie Walsh of Siskiyou County Human Services; Camy Rightmier of Siskiyou County Behavioral Health Services; Karen Pautz of First 5 Siskiyou Children and Families Commission; Heather Solus of Great Northern Services; and Michelle O’Gorman of Community Resource Centers of Yreka, Weed and Mt. Shasta.

Priscilla Wood spoke about many seniors and homebound who need assistance.

McCloud High School Principal Jessica Bowman said education on drugs and parenting is needed.

Community Services District General Manager Kimberly Paul said low income and transient people come into the District office looking for food, clothing, help with mental health issues, and to use the fax and copier machines.

Chamber of Commerce President Claudette Silvera suggested a need for teen activities. Debbie Walsh spoke about people who are in need of transportation.

Bobbie Minear with the Volunteer Fire Department Association and a volunteer with the bi-monthly food give-away program, suggested finding ways to get food to people who are housebound in the community.

Needs and possible solutions were listed on portable poster board during the two-hour meeting.

The group decided on partnering teens with home-bound residents, applying for grants, holding fundraisers, seeking help from local private companies through donations, providing food services, using the high school annex building as a resource center (depending on the 501 c3 status), coordinating locals with county programs, budgeting funding to function and finding volunteers to help facilitate these functions.

A committee was formed to meet next month and work on achieving these goals for the McCloud community.

Each department of the county’s services addressed what their departments can bring to the community.

There are already two emergency food pantries in McCloud, First Baptist Church at 121 Water St. and Calvary Christian Center on Colombero Drive.

Most county services can be reached via phone or computer.

Siskiyou County Human Services Department provides adult and child protective services, in-home supportive services, family preservation and maintenance, along with assistance services for food stamps, Medi-Cal and work programs. For more information, go to or phone (530) 841-2700.

Siskiyou County Behavioral Health provides case management, psychiatric, therapy for substance abuse, transportation, 24-hour crisis response and intervention, perinatal services for mothers that are using. The toll-free number for Siskiyou County Behavior Health is (877) 970-6408.

Great Northern Services offers help with energy expenses, weatherization and the children summer lunch program. They can be reached by phone at (530) 938-1040 or at

First 5 Siskiyou Families Commission works with children ages 0 to 5 years, offering parenting classes, early social mental health development training. They are on Facebook or can be reached at or phone (530) 918-7222.

For more information or inquiries to help the McCloud community, contact Siskiyou Community Services Council at or contact program coordinator Lisa McCauley at (530) 926-5927.