Q & A: Weed Chamber of Commerce executive director Kandy Crenshaw

Jeff Knebel
Weed Chamber of Commerce executive director Kandy Crenshaw in her log cabin office and visitor center at 34 Main Street in Weed.

After contracting for the city since August, the Weed Chamber of Commerce hired Kandy Crenshaw as its new executive director; and one might see, by a brief sojourn to her office, why she was hired for the job.

Whether it be a local business owner delivering new marketing material, someone in search of real estate information looking to relocate to the area or simply a member of the community dropping off oranges for her in a gesture of kindness, odds are that if you walk through the doors at 34 Main St. you’ll be met with a smile as bright as the personality behind it.

At least that’s what happened during a recent rainy Monday afternoon. Perhaps the native Texan’s southern accent and sense of hospitality has something to do with it, but visitors and locals alike seemed very comfortable when seeking advise from Crenshaw on anything from local dental services to nightlife entertainment. But that isn’t where she stops. Not even close.

The former Fort Worth, Tex. Chamber of Commerce Events Coordinator contractor has big hopes – and even higher expectations – for the city of Weed that could possibly surpass what is feasible for the town; yet, that’s not slowing her down a bit.

Mount Shasta Area Newspapers sat down with Crenshaw last week to ask about the new director’s vision for the city of Weed, what brought her to Northern California, and how she has been settling in with the community. 

MSAN: How did you end up in Weed, and how did you connect with the Chamber of Commerce?

KC: “I left Texas and moved to the west coast in 2016; it was a personal journey I was on that brought me to this area, a lifestyle change; whatever you want to call it. I think that my car kind of had a mind of it’s own. I love the west coast, and lived in Yreka where I received warm welcomes and the favor of God. There were wonderful caring people placed in my path that helped me tremendously! Their kindness shown to me I could never repay. As my transition continued, an opportunity and good timing brought me to the Chamber. I am surrounded by a great network or people or care.” 

MSAN: What do you plan to accomplish in the community over the coming year or so?

KC: “My goal is to be of good service to the community. Help aid the community in any way I can. Keep people in the know of what's happening in town. Be apart of bringing people together in a way that benefit the town.”

“I am a Texan at heart, but I have become a citizen of Weed, or a ‘Weedonite’… I like the sound of that; and I couldn’t be happier with where I am.”

On behalf of the Chamber, We'd like to enhance tourism revenue. I’m not saying that we’re competing with the other cities in the area; there’s plenty to go around. I’d just like to see Weed having a household name of Wholesomeness and to see revenues growth for local benefits.”

MSAN: How would you describe your transition from Texas to Weed?

KC: “Things are very much more personable here; you’re not just simply a number, as it is when you’re living in a big city; something that I really appreciated when I first moved here.

“There’s a connection that you find here that you just don’t find in a large city. Things here just don’t seem artificial. Weed has a personality to it that is unlike anything else I’ve seen anywhere else in the world. I see this as a little slice of heaven; I wouldn’t change anything about it, and I’ll ride it until the wheels fall off.” 

MSAN: In what way would you describe the state of the local economy, and is there anything in particular that you would like to change?

KC: “I love it here, and I welcome any changes that may come along.”

“We are more than conquerors and we'll take it one day at a time! From what I understand we are in a state of recovery; and a lot of the people here have filled me in on what has happened since the fire. There has been a lot of progression since that happened, and we’ve been making a lot of progress on what we’ve been working on.

“Business is coming back to Weed. We’ve accomplished a lot, I’ve been told; but I didn’t personally didn’t get to witness that growth. We still have a long way to go, and I feel good about being a part of the growth that is to come. Thing’s are on the upscale I’d say, for sure.

MSAN: What aspects of the community are you focusing on at this time?

KC: “Hopefully, I’d really like to see us rebrand who we are as a town. I’d like to see more involvement in the city as far as events – as far as fund-raising and other community activities; I’d also like to see the age gap between our youth and our seniors come closer together.

I feel the town is embracing the changes we’re faced with and become more involved with what the future holds. I feel really good about the growth that’s about to come.

“We have some new ideas it just comes down to me being able to execute some of the projects and getting the community support.

“I would really like to see perhaps the city’s younger citizens being more involved with the community; perhaps by hosting talent show, or karaoke; but just anything to get things going. We would love to celebrate our youth and what they’re doing.

“I would like to see our younger generation help our senior citizens, connect in a sense that it takes a village. Like what I experienced as a child with my elders. I think we just need to find a good way to balance things. The chamber can’t do it al by itself, but I’d like to do whatever I can to bring that sort of communal feeling I had known growing up in Texas to my new home in Weed.”

MSAN: How would you describe yourself in a nutshell, and what is an interesting fact about you that people don’t know?

KC: “Well, I would describe myself as What you see is what you get! I'm a woman of integrity and grit. A strong woman of God and a little eccentric, genuine and caring humanitarian; and an all-round down-to-earth southern lady. I just like to be able to put a smile on other peoples’ faces. I suppose an interesting fact about myself is that I co-authored a book in 2009 on the world’s different religions called ‘The Journey of Time.’” Working on 4 other books in my spare time. I like DIY crafting, crocheting and just a Jack, oops Jane of Trades. Not much but humble and treat people how I want to be treated.