'Secrets of gardens' to be told during McCloud garden tour

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Secret Garden, secrets of bees and other magical garden treasures await your discovery at the McCloud Garden Tour on Saturday, June 15 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Learn from a professional horticulturist, an experienced beekeeper, and an artist among others. Dabble with an artist, savor gifts from nature and …

The McCloud Garden Tour provides ticket holders the opportunity to see locales not normally accessible to the public. Proceeds benefit the McCloud Library so this is a double-delight in the feel-good department.

A $15 donation will provide the bearer with a ticket for the tour. Ticket holders must pick up a passport to each location on the tour at the McCloud Library starting at 9am prior to beginning the tour. The library is located at 300 East Colombero in McCloud. Tickets include one raffle entry for a drawing for a quilt by local fabric artist, Kenna Edwards. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased to increase the odds of winning.

Additionally, some locations will provide additional opportunities to donate to the library by purchasing items such as honey.

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Some locations may have uneven terrain and entail waking tours.

The holder of the McCloud Garden Tour passport assumes all risks associated with the McCloud Garden Tour and any location visited, including but not limited to stairways, slippery areas, uneven terrain, and other hazards.