After drug test, pregnant Missouri woman finds out her home was once a meth lab

Gary Dinges

A pregnant Missouri woman was shocked recently when she tested positive for meth.

After doing some digging, Elisha Hessel discovered the home she lived in was once a meth lab and some of the chemicals had seeped into her body. Now, she's on the hook for $100,000 to clean up the place.

The home's past should've been disclosed during the buying process, according to NBC's "Today." That would've given Hessel and her husband Tyler a chance to back out of the deal.

TV station KSDK reports police received a tip that the home was a possible meth lab back in 2013.

Needed repairs include replacing drywall, flooring and the air-conditioning system. They've started a GoFundMe account to raise cash for the work.

Hessel says her baby, which is due in January, doesn't appear to have been harmed by the chemicals. The couple moved in with Hessel's mother temporarily.

“Everybody wants to have their own home when they bring their baby home,” Hessel told KSDK. “A lot of it's the disappointment and being upset over it, but I have definitely been angry over it as well.”