The Gaggle: How inflation may influence the 2022 election

Amanda Luberto
Arizona Republic
The regular cash price for gas hit $4.98 at the Shell gas station on Scottsdale Road and Weber Drive on March 13, 2022, in Tempe, Arizona.

The rate of inflation has been on many people's minds lately, from the gas pump to the housing market to the grocery store.

The main driver of inflation has been consumer demand and supply chain issues that have lingered as the COVID-19 pandemic slows down. 

It is currently affecting Americans day to day, and more than half of the country says it's now impacting their long-term financial goals. In a speech Tuesday, President Joe Biden addressed the rising inflation issues but spoke more about putting the blame on Republicans rather than a plan to combat it.

Voters have a chance to show their frustration at the polls this election year.

In this week's episode of The Gaggle, a politics podcast by The Arizona Republic and, hosts Yvonne Wingett Sanchez and Ron Hansen are joined by pollster Paul Bentz. He's senior vice president at High Ground Public Affairs Consultants and joins The Gaggle to discuss how inflation going to impact voters' decisions in the upcoming election. 

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