City manager position on Dunsmuir supplemental agenda

Skye Kinkade

According to a supplemental agenda that adds items to Thursday’s city council meeting, the Dunsmuir City Council will discuss City Manager Brenda Bains’ employment contract and possibly appoint an interim city manager in the event of a “change of status” in her position.

The meeting promises to be a long one: the posted agenda also includes 13 Old Business items and three New Business items.

The meeting will be held two days after city residents voted whether to recall councilor Leslie Wilde and if so, who will take her seat: Bill Kelby, Linda Gnesa, Bill McIntyre or Lorenzo Castro.

If she is recalled, election results will not be certified by the June 5 meeting, said County Clerk Colleen Setzer and Wilde would still be able to participate on Thursday. However, Government Code 36503.5 states pending certification, Wilde would “be prohibited from taking action of financial issues.”

Thursday’s meeting, set to begin at 6 p.m. at the Dunsmuir Fire Hall adjacent to city council chambers, is the first regular meeting to take place in nearly two months.

Several special meetings have taken place, and three have been cancelled due to overcapacity in council chambers.

Hence, the change in location, said City Hall’s Julie Iskra.

In case of a large crowd, the roll up door can be opened and, as long as the sidewalk isn’t blocked, the crowd can spill out into the parking area, she said.

On the June 5 agenda

• Solid Waste Capital expenditures and reserves discussion;

• Committee appointment to revise Mount Shasta protocol manual for the city of Dunsmuir;

• Request to waive a utility deposit of $175 by A Church of His Presence to be located at the old Methodist Church at 4303 Oak Street;

• Set meeting date for council goal setting and budget priorities;

• Consideration of city support for a community garden on Cedar Street;

• Presentation of a proposed dog park, disc golf, walking trail and bike park on city-owned property commonly referred to as “Hobo Camp;”

• Set joint meeting with the newly appointed Historic District Commission;

• Call election and request it be consolidated with the county election to add referendums;

• Termination of contract for city attorney services;

• Children’s Park trade or purchase options;

• A discussion about the conduct of the mayor;

• Discipline of city manager/CFO Brenda Bains;

• Repeal or amend the fine schedule for the city’s marijuana cultivation ordinance;

• Discussion regarding the recording of closed sessions using audio and video equipment;

• Presentation by Bill McIntyre for camera upgrades for council chambers.