Weed councilors select new planning commissioner

Skye Kinkade

Weed City Councilors appointed Donna Winger to serve on the Planning Commission after interviewing four candidates Thursday evening.

Winger is a member of the Weed Pride group. Also interviewing for the position, with a term expiring in December 2016, were David Case, John Oliver and Holly Hansard.

The Planning Commission now has a full five members for the first time in more than a year: Paul Zwetsloot, Wes Dutt, Paul Palfini, Travis Starling and Winger. She will be sworn in at the Commission’s next meeting on July 16.

During the June 12 meeting, council approved the first reading of an ordinance to increase the city’s sales tax by 0.25%. The increase would be put on the Nov. 3 ballot and, if approved by a simple majority, would be used to fund the library, the senior nutrition program, and other general governmental purposes, such as police, fire protection, and street maintenance.

The council may approve a second reading of the proposed ordinance and possibly a resolution to place the tax increase on the ballot during their July 10 meeting.

If approved by voters, the extra tax revenue would be segregated in the General Fund under a separate department. Council would be required to spend the funds as part of the regular budget process.

This will ensure transparency, said city administrator Ron Stock, because individual members of the public can see by looking at the budget the specific expenditures approved in any budget cycle.

Also during Thursday’s meeting, council approved a resolution that allows them to accept donations for Weed Pride.

They also gave conceptual approval of a new park on a vacant city-owned lot on Main Street, including a drinking fountain and amenities for public gatherings.

Council heard a report from the Siskiyou County Economic Development Council and approved the $20,000 contribution. They also approved the submittal of a grant application for a 75 percent salary grant for a school resource officer.

The grant would be for up to $125,000 with a city match of $27,000 annually.