Measure O passes in Weed

Deborra Brannon

Measure O was approved by voters who voted in the City of Weed Tuesday, March 3.

Measure O is a one quarter of one percent transaction and use tax that will be applied to the sale of all taxable goods and services within the incorporated area of Weed.

Revenue generated by this tax will go into the general fund but be held in a separate account. It may be used for the library, senior projects and services, fire and police services, road maintenance, and other general governmental purposes.

However, the city council has committed to the community that funding for the library and senior services will be prioritized from this revenue source.

Of the 1160 registered voters in the City of Weed, 224 voters cast their ballots in last Tuesday’s special election.

With 100 percent of votes tallied, 72.77 percent (163 votes) were in favor, and 27.23 percent (61 votes) were against passage.

These figures contrast with those in the Nov. 4, 2014 election results for the original measure, Measure J, which would have instituted the same tax increase but was ultimately disallowed by the State Board of Equalization because of languaging details.

In that election, 563 Weed voters voted – with 60.92 percent (343 votes) voting in favor and 39.08 percent (220 votes) voting against the tax increase.