Mike Wilson to serve as both CSD GM and police chief in Lake Shastina

Dana Flint
Lake Shastina Community Services District Legal Counsel Margaret Long covered the changes made to contracts signed by Chief/General Manager Mike Wilson last Wednesday after he was chosen to fill the position of general manager. He will divide his time equally between both positions. By Dana Flint

The Lake Shastina Community Services District named Mike Wilson its general manager and also retained him as police chief during their regular meeting last Wednesday.

Legal counsel Margaret Long presented the two amended contracts to the Board. The contracts divide Wilson’s duties equally between the two positions.

Wilson said he is happy to be working both positions, and he said to just call him “Chief.”

Directors re-elected Carol Cupp as Board President, Rick Thompson as Vice President, and Wilson as Secretary/Treasurer in a 5-0 vote.

In department reports, the Fire Department welcomed two new volunteer firefighters as well as the return of Lieutenant Talon Baldwin.

The two new fire fighters are currently receiving basic training. A director questioned whether 21 firefighters are enough to serve the community’s needs. Wilson, who was reporting for fire chief Steve Pappas, said the department plans to recruit more firefighters for the summer months.

In his Police Department report, Wilson said there were approximately 95 calls in November. Notably Officer Barr found a stolen vehicle of Shasta County and arrested the suspect.

Public Works Supervisor Robert Moser said in his report on the Water Department that the new water control system will be in by spring. The first shipment was expected to arrive in the next week.

One house in Rancho Hills needed water service repair, Moser said, and the number 4 meter needed extra support for its replacement because the new meter is much heavier.

Moser commended two employees for their decoration of the Christmas tree outside the administration building for the Christmas celebration.

He was happy to report that after conducting interviews to replace two departed public works department employees, they made two offers, and both were accepted. One person has military experience in public works, and the other has worked in public works for a community.

In a 5-0 vote, the directors approved a Resolution for Amendment of Trustees for LSCSD Money Purchase Pension Plan.

The directors considered both the General Manager Employment Agreement and the Police Chief Employment Agreement, and in 5-0 votes approved the contracts.

They also discussed the review, update and prioritization of district goals for the new year.

Mike Wilson