McCloud CSD begins search for new general manager

Sarah Kirby
McCloud Community Services District General Manager Kimberly Paul, second from left, during the Feb. 5, 2018, MCSD special meeting at Scout Hall in McCloud. Directors met in closed session during the meeting to discuss Paul's resignation letter and a process for hiring a replacement. By Sarah Kirby

Kimberly Paul, a self-described “previous hippie flatlander,” said she is leaving her position as the McCloud Community Services District General Manager “to live out my retirement dreams.”

McCloud CSD directors met in closed session during a Feb. 5 special meeting at Scout Hall to discuss her resignation and the process for hiring a replacement.

In response to questions from the newspaper, Paul stated in an email that she spent several months making the decision to resign.

“I’ve been given the opportunity to live out my retirement dreams now with my beloved and that is a difficult thing to pass up,” she wrote. “We plan on traveling the roads, mountains, deserts and canyon lands of America and beyond for extended periods of time. To maintain some level of sophisticated challenge, I will be offering my services as a contracted administrator and project manager on a remote or temporary basis while on the road. Our home base will remain in McCloud.”

After a brief open session on Feb. 5, MCSD directors met for about 45 minutes in closed session while those in attendance stood outside.

Once the board reconvened, board president Cathy Young admitted it did not matter if they accepted Paul’s resignation or not because Paul had submitted the letter of resignation. Paul’s last day will be April 30. The board discussed the processes and procedures for selecting a new general manager for the district including but not limited to the establishment of a time line, salary range, advertising locations, and content advertisements.

A negotiable salary range was decided upon. Publishing a number as a starting base was discussed amongst the members; some felt it was necessary others opposed. Young suggested that the district advertise in the local paper, in Redding, and she inquired about budgeting for advertising. Paul gave a list of prices for social media advertising. A list of places to begin advertising was jotted down. Young suggested a $1200 advertising budget, which board member Raymond Zanni raised to $1500. Zanni made a motion.

A few people from the community spoke on the matter. One community member suggested that the district look in San Francisco, and another suggested that the advertising budget be higher than $1200. Zanni made a motion again for the $1500 advertising budget, and the motion passed unanimously.

The board shared concerns about getting someone hired as quickly as possible so that Paul would have plenty of time to help train the new GM.

Paul first came to the District as the finance officer in November 2014, then replaced Wayne Grigsby as GM, beginning on an interim basis from October 2015 to May 2016.

“Working for the District, for the community of McCloud has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” Paul wrote in her email. “The people of McCloud accepted me, a previous hippie flatlander, immediately upon my arrival in McCloud over three years ago. The majority of the community has stood behind me through thick and thin and I cannot thank them enough for making me feel so welcome and loved. I will miss my staff, the MCSD Board of Directors and the many friendly faces of McCloud on a daily basis!”