Five seek election to McCloud Community Services District board

Carol Sunnucks

Five people will vie for election to three open seats on the McCloud Community Services District Board this November. Incumbents Brian Stewart, who presently serves as President, and directors Diane Lowe and Ann Simons will seek re-election, while residents Catherine Young and Chuck Ott seek to unseat two of the incumbents.

Young, who served two previous four-year terms on the board is running against appointed director Diane Lowe for a two-year term. Ott, a postal worker and pastor of the Calvary Christian Center in McCloud, will run against Simons and Stewart for one of the four-year terms.

The candidate filing period closed Aug. 10 and the elections will be held during the general election Nov. 6.

Also on the ballot is a measure to establish a modified special parcel tax of $12 per year to support McCloud Library. That would amount to a $4 per year increase per household and would pay to keep the library open another half day. The measure must receive a 67 percent vote to pass.

Candidates for the McCloud Community Services District Board were each asked why they are seeking election and what their priorities would be if elected. The following are their answers.

Diane Lowe

“The MCSD and its Board of Directors have been faced with some serious issues of accountability recently. I have studied, identified and addressed some of these issues and want to continue to help the district advance in a fiscally responsible way while providing quality and improved services to the community. I am concerned about district finances and because of my finance background, can contribute in this area.

“My priorities are to work with the board and staff to ensure that our water delivery system improvements at Lower Elk Spring are completed as soon as possible and that the MCSD water master plan be reviewed.

“I want to ensure that operational costs are not funded through the district reserves and that grant opportunities be continually sought and acted upon promptly. I will encourage improved education and communications with the citizens of our community and will work to develop policies to encourage good solid management of our resources in all seven of the services provided by the district.

Chuck Ott

“Both as pastor and postal worker, I have seen families and young people leave our town due to the lack of jobs. I have seen an increase in those who need some kind of assistance. There have been more emotional needs.  Our town is in great need. I decided to run for this position because I want to use my experience to help our community. 

“I am running to see our community grow, and to look for jobs to come to this community.  I will listen to the people we are serving to see what they feel is important in our community. I want to look for ways to improve our infrastructure and service to the people of our community. My heart and desire is to serve the people. I know from my time in this community that I won't be able to make everyone happy.  But I will work to better our community.

Anne Simons

“I decided to run for office again because I think I offer the citizens of McCloud a voice of reason and common sense, as well as five years of experience. I am dedicated to the well-being of the town and its citizens. If reelected, my priorities will be infrastructure, staffing and revenue generation.”

Brian Stewart

“I’ve greatly enjoyed the more than four years of service to the community as a board member, yet I feel that there is still more work to do. I feel that I have more experience than my opponents do regarding those technical and practical ideas that need to be addressed in order to help cause projects to move forward. I also feel that I better represent the rate paying public’s growing concerns.  

“My priorities will remain to be centered toward those future projects which the District must consider in order to modernize its facilities as well as its method of operations to better serve the public. Water improvements, alternate energy, efficient and effective operations are all priorities. I’m not only an elected official but a rate payer; a member of the general public. “

Kathy Young

“I have decided to serve on the MCSD Board of Directors again because I feel the board we have now does not serve the “WHOLE” community of McCloud. Most of them have their own agenda and do not listen to their constituents, and all they like to do is spend money.

“If elected, my priorities will be to represent the people’s interest of this community to the best of my ability. I was on the MCSD Board for eight years previously. I listen to the community. I know about special districts and the laws they have to abide by. I have had lots of CSDA (California Special Districts Association) training. I know what a board member’s role is and the Brown Act.”