Bains withdraws from Auditor-Controller race

Amanda Hinds-Doyle, GateHouse News Service

Brenda Bains has announced she is suspending her campaign for Siskiyou County Auditor Controller due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

Bains, who is the Dunsmuir City Manager, said it is with deep regret that she suspends her campaign, but with a full-time job and managing her personal issues over the next few months, she will not have time to wage a countywide campaign.

Bains had been slated to run against incumbent Jennie Ebejer, and her name will still appear on the June 3 ballot.

According to County Clerk and Registrar Collen Setzer, California Elections Code Section 8550 refers to the Declaration of Candidacy, which states that the candidate will not withdraw as a candidate before the election.

“Also, the Elections Code Section 8800 states that no candidate whose declaration of candidacy has been filed for any primary election may withdraw as a candidate at that primary election,” Setzer said.

Setzer said that should a winning candidate refuse to take office, the office would be declared vacant.

Bains said she does not rule out future candidacy and is doing what she can to let everyone know that she is no longer a candidate, although her name will still be listed on the ballot.

Bains said she’s grateful to the people throughout the county who expressed support for her.