Mount Shasta man is Green Party candidate for Congress

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Lewis Elbinger, a career diplomat and Mount Shasta resident, is a candidate for the 1st District US Congressional seat now held by Republican Doug LaMalfa.

A press release announcing his candidacy, states that Elbinger “became disillusioned with the direction of both the Democrat and Republican Parties and decided that he needed to take personal action to ‘give the voters a better choice.’”

He is a Green Party candidate who will appear on the June 5 Primary ballot along with Republicans LaMalfa and Gregory Cheadle and Democrats Audrey Denney, Jessica Holcombe, David Peterson and Marty Walters.

The top two vote-getters, regardless of party affiliation, will advance to the general election in November.

An experienced Foreign Service Officer with the US State Department, Lewis states in his press release that “Confidence in our political candidates is at an all time low. Voter turnout has been declining for years and reached a twenty-year low in 2016. Six out of ten Americans did not even vote in the 2016 elections, many in protest over the lack of qualified candidates. Party partisanship has mired our political process and given us few opportunities for change.”

If you go to a restaurant, Elbinger says, and the menu “only has two items on it and you don’t like either one, what do you do? You walk out, right? My candidacy expands the possibilities on the political menu.”

Elbinger lists the following “important issues” that he “passionately advocates”:

• Campaign finance and election reform.

• Affordable healthcare and educational opportunities.

• Eco-tourism incentives and protecting our food and water supplies.

• Building bridges between left and right.

He sees the 2018 elections offering the people of California’s 1st District “a unique opportunity to change this downward spiral of political depression. We now have, for the first time since the passage of Prop 14’s Top Two Primaries Act of 2010, a Green Party candidate appearing on the ballot this June 5th. Currently four Democratic candidates will split the Democratic vote. And remember: The two candidates who get the highest number of votes, regardless of party, will be the only two candidates on the November ballot.”

Elbinger is urging all residents of the geographically large 1st Congressional District to “vote, volunteer, and envision.”

“Register to vote by May 21st and vote in the June 5th primary,” he states in the release. “Registered voters of any party can vote for any candidate on the ballot. Volunteer your services, talent or financial support by contacting my team on my website or my facebook page. Hold the vision of what you want to see created in the halls of our government. And don’t let anybody tell you it can’t be done.”

The 1st Congressional District includes the counties of Siskiyou, Shasta, Modoc, Butte, Lassen Plumas, Sierra and Tehama and parts of Glenn, Nevada and Placer.

The following is a summary of Elbinger’s career as reported in his press release:

“Lewis in his 28-year career with the US State Department has served in nine countries and managed embassies in hot spots such as Pakistan, India, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia and Kenya. He has had the unique experience to see our country through the eyes of many different cultures. He holds two Master’s degrees, one in Business Administration, and one in Strategic Studies. Lewis has educated officers in the highest echelons of our nation’s military on peaceful resolution techniques. He has served as Deputy Political Advisor to General David Petraeus and Acting Political Advisor to General James Mattis. He designed and taught a course, ‘The Diplomatic Instrument of Power’ at the US Army Command and General Staff College.”

The 2018 Congressional Elections, according to Elbinger, “are going to be a critical turning point in US history. With the rising interests of our youth and the undeniable dissatisfaction with our current leaders, an evolution is in the air.”

He sees himself as part of the evolution and challenges District residents “to be a part of it too.”

For more about his candidacy, go to: www.lewiselbingerforcongress.com or www.facebook.com/lewis4congress.

A campaign photo of Lewis Elbinger

Campaign finance and election reform.

Affordable healthcare and educational opportunities.

Eco-tourism incentives and protecting our food and water supplies.

Building bridges between left and right.

Lewis Elbinger's list of important issues