College of the Siskiyous takes next step to change trustee elections

Sarah Kirby
Shown during the Oct. 2 College of the Siskiyous Board of Trustees meeting at the Yreka campus are, left to right, right: Greg Hanna, Sheila Grimes, Stephen Schoonmaker, Alan Dyar, Mikayla Hocker, Barry Ohlund, Kathy Koon, and Jim Hardy.

Correction: This article has been corrected to say classified employees received a pay raise as a result of the agreement between the Siskiyou Joint Community College District and California School Employees Association. It was incorrectly reported that faculty received the pay raise.

College of the Siskiyous continued the process of changing trustee voting procedures during the Oct. 2 board of trustees meeting held at the Yreka Campus Rural Health Sciences Institute.

Trustees also heard about the Siskiyou Education and Business Alliance and agreements between Siskiyou Joint Community College District and California School Employees Association.

Board President Carol Cupp joined the meeting via phone, and trustee Alan Dyar led the evening’s agenda. Dyar announced that the board took no action in closed session.

He opened a second public hearing on changing the voting procedure for trustees to anyone who wanted to comment, but no one came forward.

The board voted in August to initiate a process to move the district from at-large elections to by-trustee-area elections. The first two public hearings were about the concept of the change.

After the hearing, trustees voted 5-1 to move forward with the plan. Greg Hanna was opposed.

COS President Stephen Schoonmaker said the district has seven trustees that define a special district in Siskiyou County, but all are now elected at-large by all voters in the county. The proposal is to modify the process so that only voters within each district’s geographical boundaries will vote for the trustee who will represent them.

The board unanimously approved a Tentative Negotiated Agreement between Siskiyou Joint Community College District and California School Employees Association. This agreement has been an ongoing discussion between CSEA and the board for at least a year. The agreement involved a slight pay increase for COS classified employees.

Schoonmaker announced during his staff report and in the College of the Siskiyous Campus Connection that Siskiyou County and the College plan to participate in a five-county effort funded by the McConnell Foundation. This initiative has helped to spawn the Siskiyou Education and Business Alliance, which will work with Siskiyou Occupational Advancement Roadmap on an ongoing project to improve careers and the workforce through, grant-funded strategic planning projects.

“SEBA is a new project that represents a key set of opportunities for rejuvenation of the economic vitality and sustainability of local business and industry sectors through collective impact partnerships between local educators and businesses to prepare the workforce today needed for today and tomorrow,” Schoonmaker stated. “SEBA will play a critical role implementing the SOAR plan and is part of a five-county effort to address career and workforce needs, share successes and resources, and take advantage of regional funding opportunities to implement new projects. SEBA is supported through the North State Together project.”

Doug Haugen, manager of COS Student Housing, gave the board a presentation about the Clery Act, named after Jeanne Clery, a 19 year old student who was raped and murdered in 1986 in her college dormitory at Lehigh University. It took awhile for the university to share the information with her parents, Connie and Howard Clery, who then helped establish nation-wide protocols for crime reporting which did not exist until then.

Haugen explained how different types of reports must be handled under the Clery Act. He provided the board with numbers, however, College of the Siskiyous’ incidents in relation to violent crimes or crimes associated with drugs and alcohol were little to none. Haugen explained how the college stays compliant with this act.

New employees were announced by Human Resources Manager Nancy Miller. She said Miller that Kim Freeze was hired as Director of Noncredit, Community and Contract Education. Freeze holds her Master’s Degree in Psychology and Human Behavior from National University and a Bachelor’s of Organization Leadership from Simpson University. Currently, she is also moving toward her Doctor of Clinical Psychology from Cal Southern University.

Jeannine Greenslade was hired as Associate Director of Fiscal Services. Miller said her last position before joining the college involved being Director of Finance and Administration of Saiful Bouquet, Structural Engineers in Pasadena.

Cynthia Leonard was hired as Program Assistant for Disabled Student Programs and Services. Leonard attended College of the Siskiyous as a student in the past according to Miller.

Miller also announced retirees for the college. Martha Gentry who worked as an Office Assistant I, will retire on Oct. 31 from counseling services after several years of service. Barton Scott, Director of Research & Evaluation will retire on Oct. 31.

Mike Read retiring

Mike Read, an Engineering and Physics professor, will retire after 35 years with the college. Miller explained that during Read’s time at the college he taught physics, math, and even some health and fitness classes.

“He has worn a lot of hats since he has been here, and we are going to miss him,” Miller said.