Jeanne Paolinetti

Mount Shasta Herald
Mount Shasta Herald

Nearly two months have elapsed, and I am now able to publicly express a much deserved memorial tribute to my beloved sister/ sister-in-law.

Jeanne and I were not only close in age (born 15 months apart), but close geographically (she in McCloud, I in Mt. Shasta), and most notably, very emotionally close. I have not only had to bid goodbye to my only sibling but to my best friend. Although I miss her terribly, my strong faith and the ever present goodness and grace of Our Lord via the tremendous outpouring of love, kindness, and support from numerous relatives and friends have provided immense comfort and consolation. I feel Jeanne is now in a better place and reveling in the beauty, peace, and joy of an everlasting paradise.

Jeanne was born Jean Elaine Hanson on Wednesday, January 21 1948, the second child of our parents, Rad and Marian Hanson in McCloud. My birth preceded Jeanne’s and was on Wednesday, October 16 1946, in Dunsmuir. Coincidentally, we were both delivered by a Dr. Anderson (two different doctors) and there was only two ounces of difference in our weights (7lbs, 12 ½ ozs; 7lbs 10 ½ ozs). Obviously, there were a number of likenesses regarding our births, and the bond between us from infancy throughout our lives was due, in part, to various other similar circumstances.

Jeanne was unexpectedly transported to Mt. Shasta Mercy Medical Center and from there to Redding Mercy Medical Center very early in the morning on Friday, April 24, 2020. After a brief hospitalization, she passed away on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 due to respiratory/ pulmonary complications. A small graveside service for family only was held on Friday, May 1, officiated by Father Lester Menor of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church at Mt. Shasta Memorial Park and Chapel.

Jeanne was 72 years old and a lifelong resident of McCloud. She lived a positive and productive life which she enjoyed personally and professionally. She attended McCloud Elementary, McCloud Jr. High, and McCloud High schools, graduating from the latter two. She then attended College of the Siskiyous in Weed for two years. Her work career spanned a 40 year period from 1968 - 2008. For approximately 23 years she worked in the banking industry, employed first at Bank of America and later at U.S. Bank. She held positions as teller, assistant to the bank manager and opening accounts, loan officer, and ultimately, earned the position of bank manager herself. She served in all three South Siskiyou County branches, McCloud, Mt. Shasta and Dunsmuir. Upon her departure from banking, she worked about two years for Hearst Corporation in south McCloud, a totally different job but one she enjoyed considerably as a prep cook and kitchen assistant. Jeanne’s last 15 years of employment were spent as a special education instructor at Mt. Shasta for the Siskiyou Union High School District. This position, too, was rewarding and at 60 years old, she was offered a retirement benefit package she just couldn’t refuse; therefore, she accepted it and began the last chapter of her life in well-earned retirement.

During the period of Jeanne’s first employment, nine years after she began at Bank of America, she married Jim Paolinetti on February 19, 1977, older brother of my husband, Frank Paolinetti Jr., not quite four years after Frank and I married on April 14, 1973. Jeanne and Jim had no children, but she was stepmother to Tommy, Corrie, and Jim Jr., Jim Sr.’s children by his previous marriage. She enjoyed and served admirably in this role. However, because they had relocated in their adult years long distances from McCloud, Jeanne sadly did not get to spend time with her step daughters and step grandchildren very frequently. Fortunately, Jim Jr. was close by for a few years. Also, because my family was nearby, she really enjoyed getting to spend free time, as often as possible, with Frank’s and my two sons, Kevin and Kyle, her nephews. They adored their Aunt Jeanne as she did them. They had a very special relationship and shared many meaningful experiences and opportunities, given each of our good fortunes to be in close proximity. From their childhood into adulthood, there was mutual love, affection, and respect between the boys and their aunt, making it very evident that they all cherished their genuine closeness, knowing one another well, and most special of all, partaking in numerous fun-filled special events and activities together. Highlights were spending nights at her home, playing with her pets, and feasting on delicious meals and treats.

Little did Jeanne and I know when we were youngsters that we were destined to experience immense joy spiritually, socially, and recreationally given our special and unique familial relationship as sisters married to brothers. Our husbands’ family became both of ours, too, and very fond memories of many treasured times will never be forgotten.

Our whole family was devastated in August 1988, when Jim was diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed away nine months later in May, 1989. Jeanne was a widow for 31 years and was a model of stamina and stability. She weathered whatever “storm” she faced and withstood each bravely and with firm resolve to cope successfully just as she did after the loss of her beloved husband.

Jeanne was a smart, sensible, self-confident person, sensitive to other’s needs and very kind and generous. She possessed a super sense of humor which made her delightful company. She performed her job responsibilities during her work career in a dedicated manner and with unwavering spirit and was held in high regard for her exceptional performance and honest, loyal, trustworthy character. She was well liked and respected.

In addition to her many attributes, Jeanne not only loved people but had a strong and special devotion to animals from the time we were responsible enough to have pets as children until later in life as adults. Jeanne acquired and raised a number of dogs, cats, a rabbit, a goose, and a lamb. Supporting Siskiyou Humane Society was one of her favorite charitable acts.

During retirement, one of Jeanne’s most pleasurable pastimes was texting and calling friends and family regularly. She delighted in sending special occasion greetings with pictures of activated characters or messages depicting each occasion. She also enjoyed cooking, putting several-hundred-piece puzzles together, playing Scrabble with Jim Jr.’s girlfriend on their cell phones, and watching old movies on tv. Especially fulfilling for her was observing the playfulness and antics of her last two cats, Emmer and then Lily. In spring and summer, she saw to it that her yard was well cared for, in Jim’s memory, as he had diligently labored at keeping their property - lawn, flowers, shrubs and garden all healthy looking and well groomed.

Jeanne is survived by myself, Sherry Hanson Paolinetti, my husband Frank, and our sons, Kevin and Kyle. In addition to other immediate family including our sister-in-law, Marie Paolinetti Erickson, her son Denis Erickson (Corey Rosetto) and daughter Donna (Bill) Clifton and their families; our brother-in-law, Don Paolinetti, his wife, Barbara, and their daughters Shelly and Rhonda Paolinetti; Jeanne’s step family, Tammy (Candy) Lopez, Corrie (Tom) Lambe, and Jim Jr. Paolinetti and Maria Favia. There are many more family members, too numerous to name.

Our family hopes to plan a memorial service in celebration of Jeanne’s life in late summer or early fall if and when circumstances permit. Meanwhile, donations in her memory are welcome and will be appreciated as she supported many causes. The Siskiyou Humane Society, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and St. Joseph’s Parish Building Fund are suggestions.

Jeanne, you are forever in our hearts and often our minds. May God Bless you and your Infinite Goodness.