Charles Frederick "Rick" Rhoades

Mount Shasta Herald
Mount Shasta Herald

Charles Frederick “Rick” Rhoades (4/19/1947-5/29/2020) died unexpectedly after complications following knee surgery. He is survived by his children, Harmony and Leif Rhoades, his partner, Liz Cravens, and his sister, Leslie Wheeler.

His kids will remember him as a selfless caregiver, who raised them with dedication and kindness, taught them the importance of compassion, and encouraged them to think critically about the world and to try to make it a kinder, more equitable place. They will miss the way he would randomly text to tell them that he loved and was proud of them. More than anything, they will miss him as one of their dearest friends, the first person you wanted to share any good news with, a person you could talk to about anything, and someone who could make you laugh until you cried.

Liz will miss Rick's open heart and continuous commitment to partnership and growth. He was an amazingly compassionate and sensitive human being focused on the well being of others and an uncanny ability to see the very best in people. He will be deeply missed by many.

His community, especially his non-blood brother and best friend, David Vogt, will remember the difference that Rick’s volunteering and service made in supporting local organizations, including serving on the Board of Directors for Ashland Supportive Housing and Ashland Emergency Food Bank, and as an active member of Rotary. In his men’s group, they will remember his habit and skill to ask penetrating questions that would invariably force a man to see his truth in a situation. They will hold him near and dear. Aho!