Larry K. Rasmussen

Mount Shasta Herald
Mount Shasta Herald

Larry K. Rasmussen, 80, of Central Point passed away at Celia’s Hospice House in Holmes park in east Medford on May 15, due to pancreatic cancer.

Larry was born in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin in 1939. His childhood was idyllic with three older brothers and he, the baby. He often couldn’t be found and at eight years old had started riding his bike four miles out to Kepco lake to fish out of his dad’s old boat. When he had a dental appointment, he just couldn’t be found. Guess where he went?

When as a young man he had heard the shipyards in Vallejo and Hunter’s Point, California were hiring and he took off fast for the west coast. Larry was hired as an apprentice electrician. He trained and worked in submarines initially. He advanced to Production Controller (in ship building) and was involved in Navy Research and Development.

In his later years he became Mare Island Funds Administrator from the government to the Navy for the repairs of the submarines and ships at sea. Larry’s work often required him to be flown out to sea and various ports to access ship conditions. He worked for the Government for 35 years.

Larry was a Round dancer and instructor and enjoyed golf. He was a veteran of the Army and Wis. National Guard for 6 years retiring grade was Sergeant. Larry became bored after retirement and worked 14 more years for Ace Hardware in Mt. Shasta.

Many thanks to Dr. Aghenta and Walker and many compassionate nurses, Hospice, and medical people from Asante for their vast wisdom and counsel and for helping us over the hill of life.

Larry is survived by his wife, Jan, locally; and stepchildren, Mari Emerson of Mt. Shasta, CA and Jeff Perry of Gresham, OR; also daughter, Kim McBride; and two grandsons Nick and Ben of Yamhill, OR.

Larry was a sweet soul. Loyal and faithful, a best friend, and will be forever missed and loved. Forever in our hearts dearest.

Services are private in Mt. Shasta, CA.