Combining efforts in Weed

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear editor,

Since the beginning of human civilization, man has been dependent on the power of community. We have used it to build structures that have lasted hundreds of years, barter for goods and protect against invading forces. Until the last 30 or 40 years, community defined a city’s identity. 

In the modern world, maintaining a sense of community is difficult because we no longer work together.  We depend upon the police for safety, corporations for our goods (Wal-Mart, etc.) and out of area contractors for our municipal amenities.

The “Weed Pride” is a group of men, women and youngsters dedicated to enhancing community spirit in the city of Weed. Our philosophy is based on inclusiveness and respect for all, with personal agendas “left at the door.” We are inviting all service groups, churches and individuals of Weed to join us in restoring our sense of community.

We have many issues which require attention. We have decided to begin with our downtown area. Over the past few years we have all witnessed the deterioration of our Main Street infrastructure (lighting to sidewalks), and with this our overall identity. By means of volunteers blending with the City of Weed, we have initiated a project to replace sidewalks with pavers, new curb and gutter and stamped concrete crosswalks. The street lighting system will be repaired, plus trees will be removed and replaced to create a more pedestrian friendly theme.

Our plan is to create volunteer teams. Each team will have a leader to ensure quality control and safety. The project needs help with scheduling, computer techs, refreshments, food and any help offered will be used and appreciated.

Volunteer sign-up rosters will be posted at the Weed Mercantile, Weed Chamber of Commerce, City Hall, Black Butte Saloon, Country Drug, Papa’s Place, and Cedar Lanes.

Our goal is to enhance our city. But our community working together will empower us for generations to come. 

Jeannie Tuman, Mike Bedzyk, Monica Zinda, Mark Healy, Todd Shoffstoll