Public response

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

I sat and watched the Mount Shasta City Council meeting this week and I was amazed that so many people attended to speak out on behalf of a proposed environmental ordinance.

I listened to everyone claim that they “love Mount Shasta” and they “enjoy the beauty of the area” and how “they moved here for the peacefulness and serenity Mount Shasta offers.”

Yet none of these people have spoken out against the severe public safety cuts that council have pushed through or are trying to push through once again this year.

They didn’t speak about how the public safety of the residents of this area has been jeopardized; that one of the reasons we have such a “serene environment” is that the city was adequately staffed to respond and assist to all of their concerns.

Council admitted last night that the police department has been hit hard with budget cuts. We no longer have 24 hour dispatch, which affects officer safety along with public safety.

The city is down one police officer and council froze hiring another; and they may cut another service, the CSO position.

Perhaps the public outcry would be different if a call ended tragically because the one officer responding had to ride a bicycle or the poorly equipped “green” patrol car wouldn’t start? (Staff cuts have resulted in no cover shifts).

It dismays me that people are so ready to come out of the woodwork to speak out on behalf of a “possibility” — but they don’t raise an eyebrow at the slow dismantling of their public safety organization.

MSPD is one of many reasons that Mount Shasta city is the way it is. They are yet another factor to the serene and safe haven that we all call home.

Speak out on their behalf!

Dawn Snure

Mount Shasta