Your opinion counts: What's your best snow story?

Trenton Willis
“The snow we had in 1992 was the one I really remember because I was working at the McCloud Mill. I'd shovel the roof at work for 8 to 10 hours, then come home and shovel, sleep, then start all over again the next morning. My best snow memory is when I was nine years old. We'd shovel the roof regularly; one night there was 6 feet of snow, and we made snow slides from the roof to the street. Right here in Mount Shasta!”

Carl Smith, Lake Shastina

We asked people - What is your best snow story?

We got some good answers.

“The number of the wonderful people that were willing to help us with our recent snow removal is my best story. Peter Glynn came by dug us out a path way a couple of times and Ricky Noling, and his nephew, William, came by later and created a tunnel for us, because we couldn't get out the front door. You know you pay the price of living here sometimes, but I wouldn't choose to live anywhere else. McCloud people are the most.”

Jeane Graves-Mitchell, McCloud