Kent Bush: Debate can save us from 24/7 Trump TV

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Kent Bush

We just passed the 228th anniversary of Pennsylvania becoming the second state to ratify the constitution on Dec. 12. Now, we are approaching the first anniversary of the Republican Party seriously considering nominating a man who wants to rip it into pieces.

Remember how fun it was listening to talk radio and FOX News commentators fretting about President Barack Obama shredding the constitution with the Affordable Care Act and wanting to institute some level of sensible gun control every six weeks or so after a mass shooting?

I guess they were just upset because he wasn’t going far enough.

Now Donald Trump wants to ban all Muslims, bomb the crap out of them and kill their family members.

Even Dick Cheney and Marine LePen think Trump goes too far.

I don’t even think Trump takes himself seriously. He is making a mockery of the office he seeks and the process used to fill that office. When he says incredibly vulgar and offensive things, he secures himself a spot on everything from MSNBC’s Morning Joe (where they gave him 40 free minutes to discuss every crazy idea he could espouse) to FOX News call-in shows.

Trump consumes all of the oxygen in the campaign. All of the other candidates have to propose honest, realistic and sensible ideas or they would be disqualified from the race. Trump’s candidacy grows in relevance with every comment and reaction that would send anyone else’s poll numbers plummeting.

That is why it is important to get back to the podiums for another debate. At least in official debates, the other candidates stand a chance to get some airtime.

There is also at least some chance that the candidates will discuss ideas that might be allowed by the constitution.

CNN is hosting the GOP candidates again Dec. 15 – this time from Las Vegas. Nine candidates made the cut as Rand Paul barely qualified for the main stage and Chris Christie gets called back up to the big leagues.

Once again, nine candidates are far too many. Responses will be limited and interaction between candidates will be inadequate.

But anything is better than the 24/7 one-man media debate that Trump controls every day.

The race has already seen Ben Carson rise and fall like the grain levels in the Egyptian pyramids. Now Ted Cruz is making his run at the Reality Star in Chief.

Cruz has said that he won’t engage Trump in a fight because he thinks that is the establishment arm of the Republican Party’s dream come true. Of course, behind closed doors he was caught questioning Trump’s judgment.

Trump didn’t get the memo about the public ceasefire.

On Dec. 13, he called Cruz “a little bit of a maniac” (which Cruz answered by tweeting out video from the movie “Flashdance” with Jennifer Beals dancing to Michael Sembello’s synthesizer-heavy song “Maniac”) and questioned his judgment and whether he was even qualified to be President. He also pointed out that not many evangelicals come out of Cuba – an obvious shot at Cruz in Iowa, the one state where he leads in the polls.

Surprisingly, the man who gave a voice and a hair-do to the birther movement by questioning Barack Obama’s birth certificate hasn’t even concerned himself about the fact that Cruz was actually born in Canada.

Something tells me if Cruz pulls ahead in a few more polls, the same people who went after Kenyan Muslim Barack Hussein Obama will find a way to go after Canadian-born Cuban Rafael Edward Cruz.

Hopefully, with Iowans preparing to caucus and New Hampshire voters getting ready to vote, Tuesday’s debate can help whittle down a crowded field and remove some of the silliness of the GOP primary.

Kent Bush is publisher of Shawnee (Oklahoma) News-Star and can be reached at kent.bush@news-star.com.