Letter to the Editor: America deserves better

Bob Causey

Every two weeks for the last few years I have been mailing a check to my mother’s caretakers. I know that the check I mail Friday will arrive in Monterey on Monday. The last check didn’t arrive until Wednesday. While trivial to some of us, it was a big problem for my Mother’s caretaker. What is going on?

President Trump announced that he won’t appropriate additional funding for the Postal Service because it would benefit mail-in voting. We know that his Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, a large campaign contributor, has warned that the postal service will not be able to guarantee timely delivery of ballots. He ordered the removal of mailboxes and the destruction of high-speed sorting machines from postal facilities. He is also eliminating overtime for postal employees who might otherwise work long hours to ensure the timely delivery of our mail.

What is going on here? I think President Trump is anticipating that his unpopular presidency will come to an end if we are allowed to vote. Polls show that Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to vote by mail and he is determined to disrupt voting to win re-election. His supporters will say that “cost-cutting” measures are only being taken because the Postal Service is in red ink. Look closely and you will see that the Postal Service has been victimized by Washington conservatives costing the Service billions annually. In addition, revenues are down like many other businesses in our country due to the pandemic.

I urge you to vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who will make positive changes, not rig the system. Let’s also vote out those down-ballot Republicans like Doug LaMalfa, who have sat silent while Mr. Trump has divided this country. America deserves better than four more years of this administration.

Bob Causey, Weed