Letter to the Editor: 'Save Our Children' movement is happening in Siskiyou County, too

Renee Negranti, Morro Bay and Mount Shasta

On Friday afternoon, Aug. 14, a small assembly of concerned mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends and citizens invited a peaceful rally of community to help paint Mount Shasta’s iconic bridge with this important message, “Save Our Children.”

Mount Shasta's Graffiti Bridge was painted with messages regarding the "Save Our Children" movement on Aug. 14, 2020.

The intention was to raise awareness and start hard conversations in efforts to grow recognition and spark action to save our children. The original monument was defaced on Aug. 18 and by Aug. 19 a start to a new mural was put back up. A large rally to continue the message will be gathering on Friday, Aug. 21 at 5 p.m.

Save Our Children is a quickly growing global movement to end child sex trafficking, directly addressing the horrific implications of it as well as the intense prosecution of the offenders. Please also know that trafficking does not solely limit this trade to the poor children that are abducted and sold for sex. Children are trafficked within their own communities by their guardians.

Many children in your local communities suffer as well. Learn who all the registered sex offenders in your communities are, where they live and work. Listen to your children! if they tell you that someone makes them uncomfortable, stop making them accept these people or dismiss the child’s judgement. It does not matter if they are a family member, friend or widely trusted member of the community. Silence no more. We cannot turn a blind eye because we are uncomfortable with the conversation. Help save our children.

Keep your helpful eyes on mothers and children in parking lots and public spaces. Get into the disgusting and completely unfathomable reality that some of our organizations that are currently imagined to help foster our children are contributors to the problem. 

Operation Underground Railroad, ourrescue.org and the Child Rescue Coalition, childrescuecoalition.org are excellent places to begin your investigation and support. Speak with your local law enforcement and officials on what programs are in your communities to help our children and then cross reference these entitites with the vast imformation that is blooming from this movement. 

On Aug. 22, large numbers of people are marching to end this. You can join or start one if you are so moved. This is the beginning of the biggest movement that our world will ever see. This ends with us.

Renee Negranti, Morro Bay and Mount Shasta