Letter to the Editor: Who I'm voting for

Tiim Stearns

I was surprised in reading Barbara Wagner’s story last week to see my name prominently mentioned. I did encourage Barbara Wagner to run for city council four years ago. However, after both serving on the city council with her and observing her performance on city council, I did not encourage her to run again. 

I do not support Barbara Wagner's re-election to city council. I think her reference to my asking her “again and again to run for city council” is misleading and may be misconstrued by voters. 

This year, there are three (3) seats available for Mount Shasta City Council. To be clear, I urge voters to vote for John Stackfleth, Tessa Montgomery, and Timothy H. Stearns for the three city council seats. In my opinion, John Stackfleth, Tessa Montgomery, and I would more cooperatively and productively work with the other council members for the greater benefit of the community.