Letter to the Editor: Vote for stability

Chris Ewens

This November, we are confronted with one of the most critical choices this nation has ever seen. We have a choice between a party that advocates social chaos and socialism, and a party that advocates social stability and sound capitalist economic policy.

We watch as Democratic politicians support protests that have degenerated into rioting, looting, and killing. The cause does not justify those means. We watch as Democratic politicians propose, incredibly, absurdly, defunding our police. We watch as people of one race defend their property or lives against people of another race, and then a hypocritical, biased enforcement of the law is implemented. One race can do no right, and the other race can do no wrong. This is a shameful, unconstitutional, enforcement of the law.

I am the first person who would criticize our president for not zipping his lip or refraining from writing at times. But a man who refuses his salary as president, who has lost more wealth in the last four years than anyone else as president, is not running this country to feather his nest. Trump is trying to bring our nation back to a point where Americans are proud of their nation and embrace the idea that anyone can succeed here with enough effort.

Biden, on the other hand, has what many recognize as early stages of dementia. He has freely admitted to doing what the Democrats accused Trump of doing – corruptly influencing a foreign leader. If he steps down, we have Kamala Harris, who is a vehement socialist. Get ready to give up rights and open your wallet if she takes the helm!

No matter what you think of Trump’s personality, recognize his ability to better our economy and refrain from further taxation. Vote for stability and prosperity, not dementia and chaos!

Chris Ewens