Letters to the Editor: October 7, 2020

Mount Shasta Herald
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‘L’ keeps families from thriving

I am fortunate to have landed in Shasta a decade ago. I made a family, got my college degree, and have happily raised my daughters in an area blessed with so much natural beauty and abundance. The one shortcoming that everyone agrees on is the lack of jobs. I could find minimum wage, no benefits, no flexibility, no future jobs anywhere in this county, and my labor could line the pockets of some chain owner who lives across the country. But even with my degree, real opportunity wasn’t there.

I could do better. I made my own job, I started crafting and supplemented our household income by running my own business. Fast forward to 2020. My husband was battling injury, and my festival vending (at this point our only source of income) was victim to the pandemic. Like so many of our neighbors, we didn’t know how we were going to provide for our daughters, how we would make it through.

I give thanks daily to whatever higher power put me into the position to get my job. I stumbled my way, during the most trying times for our generation, into the best job I've ever had in my life. I could start paying bills. I didn’t have to worry about our utilities being turned off. I got to arrive at work every day with a smile on my face knowing that I was helping people. That my hard work was appreciated. That the profits I helped generate stayed in our community. That my girls were provided for.

I work for a legal, indoor cannabis production company in Mount Shasta. I urge everyone to vote No to Measure L. Disallowing any new permits for cannabis does not “keep kids safe,” it keeps local families from the chance to thrive.

- Amelia Mallory, Weed


The paid ad on page A8 of the September 30 issue of this paper, last week, was a shameful attack upon the current Dunsmuir councilors running for reelection. Whatever one’s political views, no one deserves verbal abuse in such a mean fashion for serving in a non-paid position in a nice town like Dunsmuir.  Disrespecting Bruce Deutsch’s title does not prove that any new smiling face has the answer to anything.  Even a wolf smiles.

While I do not agree with some of the incumbent candidates, especially on airport budget spending, I definitely would not want any elected officials to conduct themselves with such a potty mouth as in this paid ad. My 30 years as a Dunsmuir resident taught me that a hostile attitude in government hurts us all.

Our job is to vote elected officials in, or out. Dunsmuir has had mean, nasty Councils in the past. We do not need to elect any candidates who express themselves in this manner. If a high sales tax is proposed, we do not vote for it, not personally berate the authors. 

It was not difficult for me to know that one of the candidates, or her spouse, wrote the copy of this paid ad. It is very distinctive. That person’s special public negativity has surfaced in small town Dunsmuir government before. It only hurts the people she is running with. Our town needs officials who are peaceful, with intelligence and bridge-building skills.

Our water and sewer rate raises came about because of mismanagement that happened as the town was founded, it is no one’s fault now. Water and sewer issues are most important for the town. Please allow Big Dave to continue to use his governing skills and Mario Rubino to continue using his good sense as city treasurer.

Ana Mulvaney, Dunsmuir

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Where are the Dahles?

Megan and Brian Dahle have recently refused to participate in several candidate forums sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Nevada and Shasta Counties, California Alliance of Retired Americans and Nevada County Association of Realtors. They did not respond to inquiries from these three organizations. The Dahles also refused numerous times to respond to the Nevada County media for filmed interviews. 

Due to their lack of participation, the California Alliance of Retired Americans forum was the only forum held. The two Dahles’ refusal to participate in candidate forums tells me that they can’t be bothered to hear from us. They also must believe they have the election in the bag. 

Such refusal to participate in these forums reflects a lack of respect for our communities, our needs and values, in my opinion. They recently showed up at the Slater Fire in Happy Camp for a photo op. so we would think they care about us. If they truly did care, they would have participated in these online forums. 

Let’s tell them what we think, by replacing them with Elizabeth Betancourt and Pamela Swartz. Vote for real representation.

- Ayn Perry, Yreka

A slippery slope

After watching the “Deba-te-cle” Tuesday night I’m even further dismayed and saddened (and that’s sad) by the display of rude pettiness, bullying and lack of discourse. But that’s what I expected, just not that blatant. And while humor and satire are cathartic, we cannot lose sight of the slippery slope we started on four years ago. This is an old playbook, we’ve seen it before, elsewhere, and we must pay attention.

Spouting nonsense about hyperbolically clean air, water, etc. says nothing about policy on getting there. Climate change is a hoax, just look around. Everything’s peachy!  There are no healthcare ideas proposed, none. The only policy is to keep power, no matter what the cost.  He cares for no one but himself.

The most worrisome take-away though is the strident need for division and discord. Us versus Them only serves those in power. Instead, it’s about regular people handling issues peacefully, with respect and decency. We can do this, why is that such an elusive concept for a “leader” of us all? Where he’s leading is not a place we want to, and indeed, don’t have to go.  It’s unacceptable to invoke the Proud Boys (a modern-day version of the Brown Shirts), or any other hate group to “Stand back and stand ready.” This isn’t the place to explain what a horrible person he is. You should know that by now.  This is about America’s future, about getting past this demagogue, this bully, this divider, and working together to heal and grow. We can resolve our differences, but not with hate and violence. We must dump Trump and let the healing begin.

- Eric Blomberg, Mount Shasta


I had a dream last night (9/28/20) I was in a horse drawn wagon going through an area that was very dangerous. I was with several Jewish people. The word “morass” came to me (a situation that traps, confuses or impedes = swamp). The sensation I felt was that we were going down a steep incline and it was too dangerous to apply the brakes because they might get too hot and ignite the gasses bubbling up from the “morass” beneath us.

Upon awakening I was convinced that this dream applied to our present situation. Our nation is now going through a very dangerous and difficult time.

When our president was running for office in 2016 he talked about “draining the swamp.” He has now created a very deep “morass” of lies, deceit, fear, deviousness and hate. He has repeatedly and openly talked about retaining his position beyond a second four-year term.

I think it is definitely time to apply the brakes to this dangerous situation! If we don’t stop this juggernaut now it will increase exponentially until we are consumed by it.

This year (2020) a group of Holocaust survivors got together to warn the U.S. population about a return to the situation and mentality that produced the rise of Hitler during the 1930s. They see a similar situation developing here. Don’t think that it can’t happen here, it can if we allow it!

Do you want to retain our nation as a democracy or become a dictatorship? The upcoming election is extremely important! Be sure to vote!

- George H. Kraemer, Mount Shasta

Voting blue

I have been following the political circus and reading other letters to the editor. Far be it for me to presume to know so much more than those who feel capable of telling us what to do and how to vote.

What I do know is that this country is in deep doodoo, and that includes all of us regardless of affiliations. It’s just that some of us either fail to recognize obvious signs or else choose to disregard or not believe them. 

We in Siskiyou County are supposedly served in the House of Representatives by a large scale farmer who, along with various relatives, sucks deeply at the federal sugar sack and in state government by a family cabal which probably has no idea what we little, unimportant folks think and need (unimportant and invisible except at election time).

I have no intention of telling anyone for whom to vote. Read for yourself the positions of the women running for these offices. 

I do take this opportunity to tell you to vote. You can probably tell I intend to vote blue. I think you would be wise to also vote blue. Let your opinion be heard. America is at a hinge point. Vote!

Wilma Dibelka, Weed

Yes on L

The presence of a high per capita number of industrial cannabis licenses in our small town contributes to a normalization of cannabis use, an influence which affects all kids in spite of their parents’ best efforts. Not all kids use cannabis, but unfortunately, national data shows an astounding increase in youth use of cannabis, aligning with multiple reports we hear locally. Today’s hi-potent cannabis products produced here in Mt. Shasta are gravely damaging to youth. No longer can we compare their effects to that of alcohol. Learn more at KeepCannabisAwayFromKids.com. Watch the video – an emergency room nurse describes frequent and repetitive ER visits by teens whose parents brought them to the ER. The parents did not know the teens’ cannabis use was the reason for the ER visits. 

 Measure L helps reverse the normalization of cannabis use begun by the City Council in their extraordinary promotion of industrial cannabis businesses in Mount Shasta. Measure L stops expansion of the cannabis industry by prohibiting new industrial cannabis licenses. L allows existing industrial cannabis businesses to continue. Measure L has no impact on jobs or taxes existing businesses pay.

- Michael Huffman, Mount Shasta

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Swamp land 

To my dear Republican friends, neighbors and fellow citizens: You certainly have every right to support Donald Trump. But it leaves me mystified as to why you would want to. As Americans, we all want the same things: health, security, equality and prosperity, but we obviously disagree about how to get there.

When our president stands up at the pulpit of a church in Arizona and spews unChristian hatred, telling young Republicans that “the Democrats all hate this country,” he is lying.

As a life long Democrat, I’ve spent 55 years playing taps for military funerals, Memorial Days and standing out in the cold and snow for Veterans Days to honor our American heroes. I resent his accusation that I am not patriotic.

He is also lying about so many other important things like: “Don’t worry, Covid will disappear by Easter.” Voting by mail is rife with fraud. And the most dangerous of all; the press that doesn’t support me is “fake news” and “the enemy of the people.” He then lies about his lies and they are dutifully repeated and justified by his spin doctors at Fox News. They follow the play book of Joseph Goebbles, Hitler’s propaganda genius. Goebbles said that if you just repeat a lie often enough, some people will believe you! That didn’t turn out so well for the Jews or for Germany.

May I suggest that you reconsider science, the facts and even other points of view from some of the many reputable news sources. Please stop letting Fox tell you what to think. Use your brain, weigh all the facts then decide for yourself!

And if you still want to believe “Don the Con”… I have some swamp land near Tule Lake I want to sell you.

- Scott Durbin, Weed

Many thanks 

Mount Shasta Fire Department and the Forest Service for their very timely hard work putting out the fire at McBride Springs October 1. On this day you saved my house, my property, essentially my life! When I awoke and saw the smoke, fear and anxiety clutched at my heart.  I began packing to bug out. Knowing the fire could travel the three miles to my house in about five minutes, I began throwing clothes and things into laundry baskets while watching to see if it got worse. Many watercopters flew overhead, and it did not. You were on the job before the wind shifted downhill towards the houses and able to get containment very quickly to save our neighborhood. I understand you put out this fire on your way home from putting out a fire in Weed. Your dedication is boundless and I cannot thank you enough!  Thank you, firefighters, for being the arms and legs of God today! Boundless blessings to you!

- Marsha Yates, Mount Shasta

Polls and COVID-19

As scientists come to grips with COVID-19 they have learned that the virus is most often spread in clusters that occur in events with:

• lots of people

• in an enclosed space

• with poor air circulation

• for an extended period of time

• with loud talking.

Well, that describes polling places, doesn’t it? I am a poll worker and will definitely be working at my polling place on election day. But I am concerned for the health of voters and poll workers. Voters are safest if they mail in their ballots. Failing that, the next safest option would be for them to fill out the ballots at home, sign and seal the envelopes and quickly drop off the ballot at the polling station. Anyone who needs assistance with their ballot should definitely come in and let us help, replacing a lost or damaged ballot for instance or any other problem. We are there to help make sure everyone gets a chance to vote. But for the sake of our community at large, I hope most people mail in their ballots.

- Ramona French, Mount Shasta