Letters to the Editor: Nov. 25, 2020

Mount Shasta Herald
Letter to the Editor

Treason and insurrection

Another press release, another behind closed door process where once again the people have been excluded and the legislative process and due process violated by corrupt policies, agencies, and politicians. We, the people, demand that these corrupt politicians be tried for treason and insurrection. If Klamath dam removal was such a good thing, then why the secret meetings, fake science, lies, obfuscation, ditching of financial responsibilities, and foisting it off on the hardworking backs of the People and making them carry the burden of responsibility? 

If this were a process of integrity there would be no need for these types of obscene practices.

The people have voted in both states and said no dam removal. Peer review scientific studies have just been released proving that even pristine unrestricted waters are showing salmon decline that have nothing to do with the dams which proves and concludes this is a hoax being perpetrated upon the People in order to further corrupt state and federal agencies and moving us further along the UN Agenda 2030 timeline. They cannot get this passed legally and so they keep sidestepping due process. 

Please write to FERC and demand that they do the right thing and listen to the people. Follow the money and you will have your answers. 

 No Klamath dam removal. 

– Chrissie Reynolds, Copco Lake 

We’ll fix you a plate

This next week, some of us will celebrate our nation’s discovery and founding with a meal shared. Some of us will travel to be with friends and family for this celebration. But its not just to celebrate America. We also reconnect with loved ones.Take time for ourselves. Laugh and love on one of the few days that do matter to Americans.

 Of late, some folks have taken to berating America and what it stands for. Not just here, but around the globe. Still, there are those who would risk life and limb to get to, America, Facing any threat any danger to become American. These folks too, have something special to celebrate and remember.

 Is that to be taken away because some few, think differently? The minority of the cancel culture, wants Americans to be some kind of robot. To do as told and not question the authority they bestow upon themselves.

 Some 400 years ago. A few brave souls ventured to a new land. After learning some hard lessons, and wanting to thank those who helped and them. These Pilgrims thought to form a new nation with a government built FOR the people. Not the subjects of some tyrannical entity bent on running every aspect of their lives. A nation born of inspiration, freedom,  capitalism, and law. 

 In other words, free to live your lives as you see fit. To create your own lot in life. Now we have one of those who would be our “ruler.” as governor of the state. Denying us our celebrations.

 So I say this. We will have family and friends coming for our celebration.  Strangers are just as welcome. And if you come in the line of duty. We will fix you too a plate at the table. 

Rejoice in America. For some wish to take that away.

– Mark Goodman, Grenada 

Focus on the facts

I would like to express my appreciation to your Executive Editor, Silas Lyons, for his Opinion piece in the November 18, 2020 edition of the Siskiyou Daily News (“Reporting today’s news: ‘just the facts, ma’am’”). 

We live in turbulent times, in which far too often what is presented as “news” consists of allegations for which there is no solid evidence and which do not stand up to rigorous research. The commitment of Mr. Lyons, Editor Skye Kinkade, and all of the SDN staff to maintaining high standards of journalistic integrity in these difficult times is a breath of fresh air. 

I am proud to live in an area in which our local newspaper has the courage to provide us with local and national news that is based on thorough research, reliable sources, and verifiable information. 

The survival of democracy depends in large part upon the continued existence of a free and independent press, and we are lucky in Siskiyou County to have access to a local publication that works diligently to keeping a focus on the facts.

– Annie Kramer, Etna

What it means

The 2016 Trump voters can be forgiven for not paying attention to his lying and racist comments, but not in 2020. These 73,703,919 (47.2%) Trump voters need to ask themselves two questions: Do I believe in truth and am I a racist? 

Since Trump became President, he has made 22,247 false or misleading statements (washingtonpost.com, 10/22/2020). That is an average of 50 lies or false claims/day. Fact: Trump is a pathological liar.

Trump has a long history of racism starting in the 1970s. Trump has repeatedly made racist comments at his rallies and tweets (vox.com, 8/13/2020). He has repeatedly retweeted tweets from white supremacists. Racism is a component of Trump’s character and personality. Fact: Trump is a racist.

Voting for Trump has made you an accomplice to his lies and racism. His lies and racism have become part of you that now defines who and what you are. These voters have said that lying and racism are ok. 

Lying and racism are pure evil that is destroying our democracy and nation. Trump voters just put the burning match to our Constitution. They currently represent 47.2% of our nation. This tells me that we are still the divided nation that President Lincoln presided over.  Our democracy requires a belief in truth and total equality for all our people. It’s obvious to me that Trump and his supporters don’t believe this.

Trump’s goal is to further undermine our democracy. His voter fraud lies have convinced 77% of his supporters that Biden stole the election (Monmouth Univ. 11/18/2020 poll). Trump’s current actions are trying to steal the election. When he fails at this, he will undermine Biden’s presidency for the next four years by sowing more lies, fear and hate so he can regain his presidency in 2024.

– Tom Laurent, Yreka

Tucker backtracks

As the president continues to reject the election results, Fox News spokesman, Tucker Carlson addressed Trump legal team member, Sidney Powell, citing that the administration’s legal team has failed to provide a “single piece” of voter fraud evidence, a position shared by Fox White House correspondent, Kristin Fisher. Legal team member, Sidney Powell called Tucker “insulting, demanding and rude” Later reversing his position, Tucker came to the defense of the legal team headed by Rudy Giuliani. Mr. Giuliani detailed allegations of widespread election fraud once again without providing any evidence. Meanwhile Ms. Fisher continued to disagree with Mr. Giuliani’s interpretation of the information disseminated at the press conference stating that “So much of what Giuliani said was simply not true”  To date, a majority of the administration’s barrage of legal cases have failed supporting  DHS cybersecurity head, Chris Kreb’s claim asserting “there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised”

– John Swanson, Hornbrook

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