Letters to the editor: Dec. 2, 2020

Mount Shasta Herald

Perfection is tough work

I am weary of listening to the various political parties hurl accusations of hypocrisy at one another. Both sides are correct, because hypocrisy is not a political attribute. It is an unsavory human failing that few of us escape.  A Christian who votes for a man who doesn’t honor a single commandment? Hypocrisy. An environmentalist who drives a gas-guzzling SUV? Hypocrisy. An abortion opponent who supports the death penalty? Hypocrisy. A mask advocate caught not wearing his mask? Hypocrisy. A congressman who happily accepts farm subsidies and his government-paid health plan but hollers “socialist” at his opponents? Hypocrisy.

We could play this game all day but let’s not. Instead, go take a good long look in the mirror. Are you walking on water yet? No? Then you have some soul-searching and personal reckoning to do. Perfection is tough work. Get on it.

– Lynn Lloyd, Mount Shasta

Mask or ventilator?

Interesting – both the sheriff and police departments say they won’t enforce the curfew. Let’s look at Siskiyou County facts, in terms of new cases per month.

March - 3

April - 2

May - 2

June - 22

July - 44

Aug - 64

September - 29

October - 75

November - 624 (as of 11/26)

We know how to stop this. Wear a mask. Practice physical distancing. Wash you hands often. Avoid indoor groups. When you have to go out, only shop at stores where the manager enforces all employees wearing masks and has hand sanitizer available.

It’s a simple question – do you want to wear a mask, or wear a ventilator?

– Ken Brummel-Smith, MD, Mount Shasta

Live what you teach

I am writing in response to a Letter to the Editor in your November 25, 2020 edition of the Mt. Shasta Herald and Siskiyou Daily News entitled, “What it Means.”

In his letter, Mr. Tom Laurent alleges that Donald Trump is a liar and racist. He blatantly says “Trump is a racist” and “a pathological liar.” He further asks Trump voters to ask themselves “Do I believe in truth and am I a racist?” He writes “Voting for Trump has made you an accomplice to his lies and racism. His lies and racism have become a part of you that now defines who and what you are. These voters have said that lying and racism are ok.”

Mr. Laurent, I fully support your freedom to say whatever you believe. Our beloved ancestors fought and died for the freedoms we appreciate and no doubt take for granted today.

However, I doubt that you have the ability to look into a person’s heart and soul and pretend to know what they feel or believe. It’s presumptuous, at best, to believe that a person simply voting for a certain candidate is endorsing lies, racism or any other unethical beliefs. I think you owe those 73, 703,919 American voters for Trump a heartfelt apology.

Responsible parents teach their children not to be hateful or say hurtful things to others. Let’s listen and be reminded of our own lessons. Let’s tear down the walls that divide us and agree to disagree, but still be friends. Let’s work on the issues that we can agree on and continue to make our country the greatest on this planet. Let’s do the right thing now for our grand children and their grand children, because if we don’t, I see a bleak future for them.

– Cal Platt, Mount Shasta

It’s not a conspiracy theory

“Just the facts, sir.”

Silas Lyons, your editorial was one of the finest I’ve seen in the MSH paper for a long time, very professional and well written.

After the first two-thirds, you have it wrong. As a scientist, I gathered some of the data on so-called “chemtrails.” We have reams of data and facts, about 500 items and thousands of facts in them, pictures, and we can still show some of them to you, even live today if you choose. Come see me just before the jets fly. You call our data “the conspiracy theory that the government is spraying chemicals out of airplanes in a secret plot to poison us all.”

You should be ashamed of yourself for buying into nonsense. There never was a conspiracy, never a theory, never a secret plot, and the objective never to poison us all. Whoever invented this “theory” was some kind of a nut, or had a political objective like Trumpianism.

Apparently the military did geoengineering spraying with their cargo jets as a solution to global heating. I saw them do it. Their experiment did not work out and had bad side effects.  Notice that they are spraying less lately since Bush is out and Obama and Trump are in. But geoengineering continues because the oligarchy does not want to stop fossil fuels yet.  Economics rules politics.

I can flood your inbox with more facts if you choose, but I am sending you some summaries and samples which I can verify with EPA lab reports, water samples, pictures, my sampling results right here in town, and we can sit all afternoon looking at data from here and around the world. I have hundreds, the world has thousands.

If some of the 10 items are too long or detailed, gloss over scientists’ input and look for summaries.  Note in a few places we disagree over some evidence, but the consensus remains that this was not some conspiracy theory of publicity airheads. Too many PhDs here.

– Francis Mangels, Mount Shasta

Thanksgiving thanks

Last Monday, Nov. 23, Siskiyou Food Assistance had the honor of serving 450 local families with Thanksgiving Meal Boxes. 

This project is now in its 19th year, and this time the coordinated effort was never better.

We would like to thank The Ford Family Foundation, Dignity Health and Weed Grocery Outlet for their financial support. Food donors are Cal-Ore Produce in Tulelake (potatoes), Joe Bergmann (chicken broth) and Belcampo Farms (some of the turkeys).

Volunteer help came from all directions. Many of our core weekly volunteers, who work very hard all year long, provided leadership and other support. Thank you Lee and Cindy Fulcher, Suzanne and Michael Otvos, Bill and Lana Rust, Scott and Neva, Nancy Shepard, Chet and Denise Hopkins, Gwen Hopkins, Patty Daugherty, Jean Anderson and Elizabeth Morgana.

In the days leading up to the distribution, we enjoyed the help of four LDS missionaries and the Weed Fire Department to unload the food items into our pantry. 

When we assembled the food bags on Saturday, help arrived from the Weed Berean Church, our own clients and SFA volunteers. Ray’s Food Place Weed store manager Bob Marks made sure that we had bags to fill. 

Special thanks to Michael Eldredge, grocery manager at Yreka Walmart for coming through with turkeys we didn’t think we would get. He arranged for a very smooth pickup as well.  

Earlier this year, as many of our clients were confined to their homes, deliveries began to be provided by the First Baptist Church in Mt. Shasta. Last Monday five teams from there arrived to do the same for this project. We have received several sweet messages of gratitude for these deliveries. 

While the delivery teams were being loaded up, the Weed Police Department, Weed Fire Department and Scott and Sue Tavalero were organizing the growing line of cars for the drive-thru distribution down the street at the Weed Elementary School. Thank you to WES staff for your patience and moving your cars to accommodate the great logistical work of police and fire. It was so well organized that serving that many families was quite manageable.

In addition to the volunteers mentioned above, we appreciate the youth group from Mountain Christian Fellowship coming to load cars in a friendly and contact-free manner.

Our special turkey team included Daudi Etter, David Riley, Ruker Alex and others. 

In fact, there was so much participation from outside our agency that I fear someone has been left out. The board and staff of SFA appreciates all the energy that was put into this project, intended to bring hope and a smile to those who might have none. Lord bless every one. 

– Denise Spayd, SFA Director


Trump got almost 74 million votes. That he got that close to winning is scary enough, but the really scary thing is the realization that there are almost 74 million stupid people in this country. Those are the people we should worry about.

– Orlando La Rosa, Castella