Letters to the Editor: Dec. 16, 2020

Mount Shasta Herald


Back to back on pages 1 and 2 [12/9 issue] are “Siskiyou’s COVID-19 positivity rate is third highest ...” and “Don’t expect law enforcement to enforce stay at home ...”. With possibly the lowest population per square mile in our county, the first is startling; but the second is not at all surprising.  

It’s not fair to the Sheriff to add to deputy’s duties where funding is shrinking; not fair to expand his deputies’ exposure to COVID; and not fair to businesses in other counties where there is heavy enforcement.  

What is the ratio between people who mistakenly believe it is their constitutional right not to wear a mask and the number of COVID cases in their social circles? Thus far I have only heard scary anecdotes of such a correlation, but no evidence.    At Fairchild (where COVID is powerfully present, so God bless all of them) people are double-masking with a disposable mask under a cotton one. 

Please let me compliment you on not publishing mask nonsense, and I would ask others to not think just about themselves when they should be putting on masks in public for everyone’s benefit.  

– David Hicks, Dunsmuir

LaMalfa and Democracy

Last month Doug LaMalfa handily won re-election as representative in Washington D.C for our district. 

I wonder if Mr. LaMalfa would have won had it been known at the time that he is not committed to democracy.  

Donald Trump lost the election by over 7 million votes and none of the claims of voter fraud have been found valid in the courts. 

Still, Mr. LaMalfa was one of 126 republican house representatives who joined Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's lawsuit seeking to overturn the election results in four states.  If the suit had succeeded it would have thrown out the votes of millions - tens of millions - of Americans in order to hand victory to the person who lost, Donald Trump. 

This was an unprecedented attack on our democracy. Mr. LaMalfa not only supported it, he participated in it.

Our district deserves better representation than that.

– Christer Johansson, Mount Shasta

Trump one, Biden two?

Trump won! Trump won? ... Yeah by a lot! Trump won, Trump won, Trump won, Trump won ...

Trump – one ...  Wait,    Trump – ONE ...  Biden – TWO!?  

Just repeating a lie over and over and over again does NOT make it true, it just makes you a sore loser.  So now it’s Trump 2024.

Trump 2024 ... How about Trump for Prison 2021? 

– Scott Durbin, Weed

Move over yourself

Move over Rover! Are you kidding me, Greg Alden? After four years of rhetoric, falsehoods, unbelieveable statements and actions from the other losers, all you can come up with is move over Trump.

You move over yourself and watch what gracious people do in the real world.

– Shirley Sottana-Dutt, Weed

A musical gift

In the midst of all the crises and pain underlying this Christmas season, I want to share a story of genuine joy.

My mother passed away five years ago, a church organist/pianist/guitarist, and I got her guitars and one of he two organs. I was a church organist/pianist also, and it had a lovely sound. My daughter Michelle got the other one which she and I intended to repair (it wasn’t playing) and she could learn it and play it. Well, as life and our own crises went that never happened, and this week she decided to re-home it to a good home. Not just anybody, it was special to both of us.

She advertised it for free, and got an immediate response from a gentleman who had a story of near tragedy. His church organist mother had lost everything in our fires, but he said the single thing she mourned (no pets involved) was her vintage organ. He asked Michelle what kind of organ hers was, and she said “It is a Lowry Virtuoso.”  The man got excited, and said that was what his mom’s had been! What was more, he is an organ technician and can restore it to like new condition! By now, both he and my daughter were in happy tears. I wish I could have seen the mom’s joy as her son restored music to her life. 

All of you who love music know your joy in it, I was so happy for this lady, that the fire took it away and her son, and I believe the Hand of the Lord helped restore it. Have a blessed Christmas, all!

– Barbara Coulter, Mount Shasta