Letters to the Editor: Feb. 17, 2021

Mount Shasta Herald

Medically necessary

This is to people covered by Medicare. Medicare has good rules that can change the fear that many of us have that there is no one to care for us when we are let out of the hospital after a medical incident.  I recently had a traumatic experience. I was told by surgery, to remove, at home, 2 sets of intricately wound tubes which were inserted into my thigh, carrying pain medicine (a good thing).  It was horrible, the tubes were bloody and confusing, leaking, terrifying. Days later, my wound needed rebandaging, on my right foot, which I could not reach, nor could I drive. I needed a home nurse.  I live out of town, both problems were medically necessary for me, I am not a medical person. The hospital surgery in town was very good but the medical profession needs to improve itself, the doctor didn’t understand.

I had asked my doctor for nurse services, three times in the same visit. He said “no” three times and walked away, no further appeal, interview or investigation of how I would function when I was not walking.  I was more shocked later as I realized I was not just a 71 woman being foolish.

Outpatient is the word that the medical field calls us, those that they do not admit to the hospital after surgery.  Too many times in the last few years have been one of those.  No doctor asked whether I will be homebound (1) after the surgery, whether I can get food prepared (2) because I live alone.

Those questions should be asked by all doctors so that they can state “yes” to Medicare that home services are medically necessary.  A referral can be then be made so that a patient can get Home Healthcare by a Skilled Nurse and or Personal Care Services, which are covered by Medicare, as for the 78-year-old gentleman I know who hasn’t had a bath, (third covered service) in a month.

See page 62 of that big fat book that Medicare sent you “Medicare and You 2021” for the above 3+ rules. I called Medicare, asked under what hardship this would put the doctors.  They said the doctor just needs to make a care plan, certify and monitor the patient, make a referral.  Is that too hard, guys? And, yes, we who live on this mountain have a local home health care agency which is ready for our referrals. Lack of nursing happened to me also in the Redding hospital as well as near Rogue Valley hospital but we need our town physicians to improve.  We, as patients, need to find the doctors who will plan with us so we are not afraid to get old.

– Ana Mulvaney, Dunsmuir

Worth the wait

Like everyone else in town, I am tiring of the restrictions of COVID-19 that we are having to abide by. I too was very excited when a new Mexican restaurant opened in town. 

After a lovely day of skiing at Mt. Shasta Ski Park last Wednesday, we decided to order food to go. When I went to pick up my order,  I was shocked to see the amount of people dining indoors!  I did a quick count and there were at least 60 customers in the main dining area. There was no social distancing, the tables were lined up right next to each other.  At the bar there were at least a dozen people drinking. The staff were wearing masks. 

I have written to this restaurant, and filed a formal complaint to the Siskiyou County Health Department. I now wish to appeal to the good citizens of Mount Shasta. 

The superintendent, principals and teachers at Mount Shasta Elementary schools are working very hard to return our children back to schools. The opening of the schools and the restrictions that have to be enforced are directly correlated with the rate of transmission of COVID-19 in our community.  The restaurants in town who are serving customers indoors are not only blatantly disregarding the ban on indoor dining, but they are directly contributing to our local COVID-19 rate of infection. 

I empathize with these restaurants, and I too would love to dine indoors at my favorite local restaurants, but the reopening of our schools is critical to the future of our community. 

Neighbors, please continue to patronize these restaurants, with to-go orders only. And to the restaurants who serve indoors, please follow the state and local guidelines of no indoor dining.   Our children and their education are worth the wait!

– Elizabeth Keane, Mount Shasta

Some things you can’t fix

Just one short note on the assault on our nation’s capitol on Jan. 6, and all the violence across our country – what can you do? If you took the entire group of terrorists and put them all together, you wouldn’t (to quote a friend of mine), have a collective IQ greater than room temperature.

Sometimes brainwashing can be un-done, but sometimes “you just can’t fix stupid.”

– Barb Turner, Montague

Trump’s legacy

The Republican party’s not guilty verdict for Trump just destroyed our principles of truth, honesty, democracy and the rule of law. The 74,222,958 million citizens who voted for Trump in the 2020 election and the 43 Republican senators who voted Trump not guilty don’t care about truth. 

These last four years of Trump have made changes to my life.  One of these changes is I can no longer assume people believe in truth if they are Trump supporters.  Another change is I’m more anti-racist and anti-white supremacist. My last change affects my ability to serve on a jury. I would need to know the political affiliation and how they voted in the 2020 election for everyone who testifies.

If they voted for Trump, I would know that they probably have no problem accepting lies as truth and therefore, I could not accept their court testimony as truthful regardless of their oath to tell the truth. 

Current election data from the County Clerk’s office reveals that 56% of county voters voted for Trump/Pence. This tells me that half of trial defendants, plaintiffs and witnesses probably voted for Trump. If I don’t know how each voted, I could not trust any of their testimony. If I was selected as a juror, in spite of my beliefs, I would not be able to vote during jury deliberation because I wouldn’t have believed anyone’s testimony.

Trump’s, the Republican party’s and his loyal follower’s legacy to our nation is: Truth are lies; lies are truth; racism and white supremacy are acceptable by almost half of our nation’s adults.  

– Tom Laurent, Yreka

Letter to the world

Valentines Day 2021, how are we doing?

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), philosopher, scientist, educator, spiritual researcher and scholar gave a cycle of lectures in 1908, beginning his great task of renewing humanity’s understanding of the true meaning of our earth evolution.  He said that a very special mission was reserved for the Earth during its evolution.  The mission of our Earth is the cultivation of the principle of love to its highest degree by those beings who are evolving upon it.  When the Earth has reached the end of its evolution, love should permeate it through and through. The Earth is the planetary life-condition for the evolution of love …and this will be accomplished through the activity of human beings if they but fulfill their task.  How are we doing so far?

– Karen Cabron, Edgewood