Letters to the Editor: March 10, 2021

Mount Shasta Herald

Why the brouhaha? 

I went out to Lake Siskiyou today to see what all the brouhaha was about.  Yes, the logging has started.  And yes, there is a fair amount of blue paint on trees.  However, looking at the trees that are marked and cut, I think operations under the County’s Nonindustrial Timber Management Plan look good.  The stands are being selectively harvested, and mostly understory and unhealthy trees are marked.  Personally, there are places where I would have marked fewer trees and places where I would have marked more trees, as allowed in the NTMP.

When I hear the desire is to have the land “managed as a park,” all I can think of is Castle Crags State Park.  If that type of management (i.e., leave it alone) is their goal, then they aren’t really concerned about forest health, carbon sequestration, or climate change.  Unless the climate suddenly shifts to a much cooler and wetter long term pattern than is currently modeled, our forests are in trouble.  Many forests, including at Lake Siskiyou, are terribly overstocked and at risk of wildfire and/or death.  That will do nothing to help the conditions the Ecology Center folks says they care about.

The county is doing a great job with the forest land around Lake Siskiyou and should be commended by the entire community.

– John Kessler, Mount Shasta

No Starbucks

Can’t we all agree that the last year has been horrendously difficult for small businesses? With the lockdowns and the restrictions on indoor dining, it has been devastating for many small businesses. I am very grateful that our local small restaurants and coffee shops have survived.

Why then, has the planning commission approved a Starbucks in town? There is  already a Starbucks seven miles up the road in South Weed.

I would much rather support our local small coffee shops here in town. I can’t imagine what a devastating impact a Starbucks could have on our wonderful independent coffee shops – it could decimate the businesses and lives of our local coffee shop owners. Seven Suns, Mt. Shasta Pastry, Yaks and the Coffee Brake are all wonderful businesses, all different from each other and each are valuable for our quality of life in town. 

I didn’t realize that the Mt. Shasta Planning Commission wanted to turn our lovely tourist town into a giant truck stop. 

The fact that Starbucks wants to come in and decimate our local coffee shops is sheer corporate greed. Is this what our planning commission and local chamber of commerce support?

There are plenty of choices of businesses that are better for occupying the old KFC/Taco Bell building on Lake St. 

The Panda Express is good, because there is only one Chinese restaurant in town that has a bar attached and is less appropriate for families with small children. Also how about an Amy’s organic foods restaurant? That could go over very well with both locals and tourists. Or how about a Japanese chain restaurant? There aren’t any Japanese restaurants in Mount Shasta. Also, In-N-Out Burgers pay good wages and treat their employees really well. 

There are already three Mexican restaurants and two Thai restaurants as well as four coffee shops,  so it would be wise for the Planning Commission to stay away from Mexican or Thai fast food or any kind of chain coffee shop.

I will gladly support a Panda Express or Amy’s organic vegetarian fast food, and I would be happy to see a company like In-N-Out Burgers that treated their employees well, but there is no way I will ever want to support a Starbucks here in town.

– Carol Kraus, Mount Shasta

Keep students in mind

I am the father of a sixth grader at Sisson and a senior at Mt. Shasta High School. This has been a very exciting month for us. Finally, our children get to go back at school with their teachers and friends and in an atmosphere which they have the ability to flourish. We are also very excited that sports and extra-curricular activities will be taking place. With all this “excitement” we are having, it brings me and others to the feeling of complacency especially at the high school. By no means should I, the community or the school board be complacent with this set of accomplishments. While MSE and Sisson have taken a step forward and are allowing full time daily instruction to students, Mt. Shasta High is stuck in hybrid. As more figures come out about the minimized risk of spread in school with proper prevention and more details about how other schools have been successful, we ought to be able to find some comfort in returning to full time.  

It is time to make decisions with our students in mind. Let’s not allow our students to fall further behind by not providing instruction time equal to other local areas and states. And for our senior students who to this point have nothing to hang in the rafters or put in their yearbooks, allow us to get them where they belong, back in school full time.  Let us not let this school year end as it had began.

– John Kennedy, Jr., Mount Shasta  

Keep Newsom, boot LaMalfa

Why support the Newsom recall agenda that will cost taxpayers $81 million when Newsom has followed scientific, federal guidelines and recommendation to slow the pandemic?  

Because of his actions, fewer people have gotten sick and/or died from COVID. If the country was not so divided on this issue, we could have eradicated the disease long before the vaccines.  

Take a look at New Zealand for example. With a population of five million, New Zealand has reported a total of just over 2,300 cases and 25 deaths since the pandemic started. (Compare to Siskiyou County with a population of >43k, 1,784 cases and 14 deaths.) 

New Zealand’s successful efforts to control the virus are due to mandated masking and social distancing, including lockdown. Two week quarantines at the border are required for new cases caught among returning travelers.  

New Zealand had successfully stamped out community spread, and other countries looked on in envy as New Zealanders in August 2020 went back to work and began attending concerts and sporting events without the need to wear masks or take other precautions, long before the vaccine rollouts began.  

Late February, three new cases emerged in Auckland and the entire city was placed on lockdown. This no nonsense approach is why the virus was controlled so quickly in New Zealand.  

Instead, let’s recall Doug LaMalfa! Our California north state congressman is part of the partisan activists supporting Trump and his dangerous agenda to divide America. Remember he joined with Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and others to challenge the electoral college certification. Nonsense! LaMalfa’s dangerous agenda it to overturn the definitive will of California voters and bring Washington’s corrupt government to California in his recall efforts. Let’s keep Newsom and give the boot to LaMalfa!

Lisa Frost, Hornbrook

Good money

On March 2 the Siskiyou Board of Supervisors agreed to spend $599,000 dollars on high priced lawyers to continue their futile dam removal litigation.  Meanwhile the States of California and Oregon, the Karuk and Yurok Tribes along with Berkshire Hathaway (owner of the dams) are celebrating the historic signing of the agreement that overcame the last significant legal dam removal hurdle.

$599,000 could have been better used locally to fix the disaster on Yreka Creek and the hopeful Greenway project, which is unsafe to visit/turning into a crime scene right under the Supervisor’s noses.

Hence the expression “throwing good money after bad”.

– Andrew Marx, Mount Shasta