Letters: Sell Reds to someone not afraid to spend a few bucks

Letters to the editor
Cincinnati Reds owner Bob Castellini

I will not pay major league prices to see a minor league team. How can we trade Reds owner Bob Castellini for a minor league owner? This is a shame. Why doesn't he sell to someone who's not afraid to spend a few bucks. He should have learned from the Bengals.

Joseph Martini, Kenwood

Obey posted speed limits

We don't need to reduce speed limits to save gas as much as we need to OBEY POSTED SPEED LIMITS! It would save GAS and LIVES.

Jack Reif, Milford

Fire Xavier coach Travis Steele

Through the first 17 games, Xavier University goes 14-3 (AP rank of 17). On Feb. 20, ESPN's Joe Lunardi has XU as a 7-seed playing Indiana in the NCAA Tournament. The last 14 games X goes 4-10. A preseason pick of third in the Big East finishes in eighth place. TOTAL COLLAPSE. And this has played out each of Travis Steele's four years at Xavier.

He has set the Musketeer program back decades and shows no anger or fire in his belly at any press conferences. He can only recruit talent. He fails to develop that talent over the season, cannot motivate his players and has no clue regarding the Xs and Os of coaching. He's the worst coach since Tay Baker. This is not an aberration but a pattern.

Either Steele goes or this four-seat season ticket holder will.

Gene Burchell, Edgewood, Ky.

Slowly transition to electric cars as manufacturer's work out kinks

Electric cars may be commonplace someday, but they're not the immediate answer to the energy crisis that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg thinks they could be.

Forget their over $50,000 price tag for a moment and consider what other hurdles a driver of one of those vehicles must overcome: It takes approximately eight hours to replace a vehicle's depleted electricity with a home charger; replacing a battery costs a minimum of $5,000 and with the price of lithium going up 250% last year, that cost will only increase; there are very few mechanics capable of working on an electric car; if you buy a used electric car, you have no idea what expenses await you.

Let's be smart and let manufacturer's work out the kinks, lower the purchase price as well as the repair expenses, and slowly transition to them over a decade or so.

Nelson Terwilliger, Liberty Township