Continuing the Search for Treasure

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

How long has it been since you visited our Mt. Shasta Museum? If it has been a while, you need to go see the newest displays celebrating the 50 years since the freeway went in. Information about the building of bridges, what houses needed to be moved and other back stories are there to learn about. Stories about the impact on our town are there as well. Some of the older displays about the volcano in our midst are there to learn about as well. The kids will enjoy going “through the volcano” and making the Shasta Daylight run again. Take your company and your family to see our history displayed so well.

Speaking of family and history, have you been working on your Family History during these cold ‘stay inside’ months? Have you had your DNA done and “found” relatives you didn’t know you had? How exciting is that!? Finding relatives creates more new stories to investigate. Where did they come from? I found a 4th great grandmother I didn’t know I had named McKee. Thank goodness for computers to find and incorporate these new finds into my family tree.

One of the interesting facts is that so many end up in Rush County, Indiana not necessarily at the same time. More research needs to be done!

The Family History Center in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 214 Adams Drive, Mt. Shasta is the place to come to do your research. On our computers are many websites such as Fold 3,, Newspapers, etc. that cost at home are free for you to use as well as having someone to help.

Come see us while you are waiting for the sun to shine. You can search in a politics and religious free zone. Hours: Thursdays 11- 3 for now and are subject to increase.