Opinion: Why I'm resigning

Briana Myers, Weed

When I took the position of District Administrator it was my understanding that the board understood the District had a huge deficit to overcome, due to a lack of operating funds. I was under the impression that I had two years to get the community center up and running so that the building would be running independently. Additionally, I was under the impression the board knew that we would have to utilize our annual district budget to help support the center. At this time it is clear to me that that has changed.

I have secured funding to help support program costs including the grant from Grocery Outlet, Ford Family Foundation and the City of Weed TOT grant funds. I have done my best to create a viable program offering and have made changes monthly as I attendance comes in. We have only been running fitness classes since February 4th and the pool opened March 4th. In the past two and a half months we have been bringing in memberships daily and providing fitness and pool classes to our members as we promised with our membership.

District programs have been slow to start with the inability to get marketing out like we would have liked. There has been no support to lessen the load of the District Staff (myself and Jenny). Although we have expressed to the board on two separate occasions that we have a need for private space to better serve the community members.

As stated we have only been open two and a half months, this is not a reasonable time for the district to make decisions on wether or not our membership program is working. We need at least 6 months to understand the ebb and flow of facility use and the districts revenue potential. We opened the building in the middle of winter. Now that the word is getting out and the pool is open we are getting new members every day.

At this time I do not feel the board is making decisions that are in the best interest of the District and its future success. I cannot support this. Additionally the board has been unable to support me or my vision for the District. nor has the Board been able to clarify what their vision for the districts road to success should look like. For these reasons I feel it is in the District and my best interest for me to resign from the District Administrator position.