Second Look: Mother's Day

Linda Wallace

Mother’s Day will be here on the 12th of May. I’m reminding you so you can make a plan or buy something for your mother. Remember, without her you wouldn’t be here. Of course I will be thinking about my mother on that day, but I think of her every day. I miss her so much since she has past. She was an amazing woman to six grateful children. We always had food when we were hungry, love, attention, and devotion. As infants, I know she feed us as soon as we awoke. When I look at my baby pictures, I ‘m quite well fed! She made sure our needs were always met. As we grew, she allowed us to experience what our interests were and led us to be involved in educationally endeavors.

A mother has quite a job to undertake. Having had two children myself, I know what a rewarding undertaking it is! Children are gifts, especially when you become a grandmother. You can spoil, love, and enjoy . . . then send your grandchildren home. I feel fortunate to have experienced raising two children. Children teach us how to love, experience unconditional love, and take part in ecstatic joy! When a child is happy, the infant is filled with joy. Their smiles are contagious. If their faces touch yours, (because they need to be near) you know their love is sure to warm your heart.

Babies are God’s way of teaching adults how to be adults. The parent role is one of guidance, understanding, love, and persistence. Every day is a new experience when a father or mother is involved with a child. No two children are alike. Parents aren’t given a manual, just because they give birth to another human being. We all learn from our parents. We all learn from our children. Learning to be a loving and wise parent, takes time, attention, education, intuition, and maybe a little luck, don’t you agree? I hear and see children acting up because their parents are always on their cell phone talking instead of giving their children time and attention. Children need guidance, attention, and discipline to grow up respecting their parents!

I’ve thought about my grandparents naming my mother Ruby Mae when she was born. It made me think of how they must have thought my mother, who was their last child numbering eighth in the line of four boys and three girls, was their special jewel! I had never thought of her name that way. My dad often made fun of my mom, calling her Rub…by! What I do know is that she really was a jewel, one so rare like the ruby stone is!

Mother’s Day is in two weeks. Hope you do something exciting. Personally, going to church on Mother’s Day is a gift. Our pastor makes it a special day. He recognizes how the Bible points out how important the role of the mother is! He also points out how important a father is when raising a child. Both parents must support each other when guiding a child to be a responsible individual.

My mother raised six children, making sure we were loved, each and every one of us. We were glad she was our mother, especially if we had a problem, because mother was always our advocate. Mothers and fathers do their best parenting. Mom raised huge gardens, worked long hard days hoeing, cooking, cleaning, sewing, paying bills, and doing chores (like milking cows or feeding chickens, rabbits, lambs, and the like) from dawn until dusk.

So I hope this makes you think of your own mother. Mother’s Day is an important day and doing something special for your own mother or some other woman is always a good thing. Spring has definitely arrived with daffodils and tulips blooming.

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