Support for high school district superintendent Squellati

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

Dear Members of the Board,

On behalf of the undersigned faculty members, we offer our support to Superintendent Doug Squellati for his accomplishments during the first year of his tenure here and in the hope that we will enjoy the benefit of his leadership for years to come.

In the frequent discussions between members of our staff and Mr. Squellati, we have been pleased by his immediate and thorough response to a variety of topics, ranging from small policy questions to larger budgetary issues. It is a pleasure to have such open access to a veteran administrator.

Mr. Squellati has impressed us in many ways as a knowledgeable, strong leader. The morale among our staff is high, largely due to the superintendent’s direct communication style and his proactive, competent, management.

It is concerning to us that turn-over in this important office may reverse the progress made towards aligning our district in the many areas in which there are on-going problems including: physical plant, budget and staffing.

Such a directed, collective effort is rare among faculty and in this case is the product of many discussions. We hope that all of you receive this information in good faith as a show of support for Doug Squellati.

We appreciate the many difficult decisions and processes you all pursue on behalf of our students and staff and hope that through this type of interaction we may help with positive input.


Jim Bauer, Steve Abbott, Betty J. Swartz, Mariah Goodrich-Jones, Toni Erro, Greg Eastman, Barbara A. Porteous, Joe Blevins, Bill Churchill, Dave Allen, Mark M. Erro, Robert Shelton, S. G. Killingsworth, Bright Nichols-Stock, Les Phillips, Karen White, Lloyd Bennett, Ben Chandon, Thad Wallace, Trudy S. Rilling-Collins, Steve Nesheim, Vince Reinig

Members of the Mount Shasta High School Faculty