Call for local dialysis

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

As the president of the Siskiyou County Golden Seniors, I have become aware of a situation that I find troubling.

One of our members has been traveling to Redding to seek kidney dialysis for the past seven months.

This predicament places a huge strain on local dialysis patients, especially with rising gas costs and the large cost of food and lodging, which when added to the cost of treatment that patients bear, can become a source of added stress and depression.

There is also a large cost in time for patients in this situation — many of whom are required to receive treatment three days each week. The drive to Redding and back takes about four hours, and the treatment takes from three to four hours depending on the patient.

I spoke with the CEO and president of Mercy Medical in Mount Shasta and asked, “What must we, as a community, do to get a kidney dialysis center for our community?”

Mr. Gersdorf suggested that we contact the 30 patients in Siskiyou County who are receiving dialysis treatment in Redding and ask them to write a letter of support for a kidney dialysis center in Mount Shasta.

I am writing this to those 30 patients, whose identities are protected by the Patient Privacy Act, asking them to take up their pens and write letters supporting a local dialysis center so that no one is left behind.

These letters are needed to make this plan come to fruition and let patients’ voices be heard so that dialysis treatment companies will see our need for a Siskiyou County dialysis center.

The letters should address to Mr. Gersdorf and can be mailed to Frances Pucci, 16626 Woodside Place, Weed, CA 96094.

I can be reached at (530) 938-3588 for more information.

I will be delivering the letters in person to Mr. Gersdorf.

Frances Pucci, Weed