Butteville project clarifications

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

I would like to make a clarification of a quote stated in your article Butteville students dive into local water issue in your June 18 edition.

It quotes me as saying “… However, when Nestle announced their plans to reduce the size of the plant the students felt they had been lied to and their views shifted again.”

This quote refers to the timing of Mr. Palais’ excellent presentation regarding the economic feasibility of a bottling plant in McCloud on May 9 and Nestle Waters, North America’s announcement of their plans to reduce their original one million square foot plant by 60 percent on May 12.

It is because of this Nestle announcement on May 12, that students expressed confusion and felt misinformed, it is not in reference to Mr. Palais’ integrity or intent.

Instead, the 6th graders, Mr. Kyle and I are grateful that he took time from his busy schedule to drive to Edgewood from Redding to help students learn how to make informed choices, rather than emotional ones, regarding Siskiyou County’s future economic development.

It was a fun and important project for Butteville’s 6th graders as they felt empowered to participate in all aspects of a local water issue.

On behalf of students, Mr. Kyle and I, we would like to thank Mr. Palais, Richard McFarland, and Meadow Barr for their contributions to our education and to preserving and utilizing our most important resource in Siskiyou County, our water.


Eric J. Bragg

Mount Shasta